$10.00 Digital Slick MP3 Player Review

MP3s are one of the hottest gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. There’s everything from 1GB-16GB, some with voice recorders, radios or video screens. Where’s one to start deciding what’s best? Screens for downloaded videos and pictures are a nice feature but how can you be sure the screen has good clarity? What if you want just a basic mp3 to play your music at a price that can be affordable? Keeping an eye out on reviews and store ads can help on spotting a player right for you.

While scanning the pages of a Family Dollar advertisement, there was one item that instantly caught my eye. $10.00 for a 1GB MP3 player that can hold up to 680 songs. Of course granted there’s no guarantee you will have 680 songs due to it’s an estimate based on an average song of 4 minutes. But never the less at $10.00, it was bought. They were running out quickly by the next day and decided to buy two since it seemed like a good deal.

Normally when buying electronics I’d check online to see others reviews about a product but didn’t have time prior to picking it up. The Slick MP3 1GB player is black and sliver and has a length of 4 inches. It has an easy 2.0 USB port on the end of the player making loading songs quick and easy. It includes both English and Spanish as a language option. It contains a voice recorder and a locked button to prevent the player from turning on accidentally. The back light is a pleasant illuminating blue shade.

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On the display screen is number of songs on the device, battery strength, volume level and song information. The song information contains the artist and title scrolling along the bottom. You can choose whether to keep the back light on or turned off after a certain amount of seconds has passed.

The menu has simple options such as play music, play voice recorder, settings,preview and more. There’s an equalizer to allow you to choose what style such as: rock, pop, jazz, classical and bass for the sound quality.

If you’re interrupted just as you come upon one of your favorite parts of a song, the mp3 remembers where the song left off before being shut off. There’s even a feature that allows you to focus on a part of the song and enable it to play back only that certain piece.

After checking out online about the product, I’ve seen it being sold anywhere from $15-37 dollars. On Overstock.com they have this item listed as $36.99. The product is the same item as the one in Family Dollar only the packaging looks different. Many Family Dollar stores require asking at the counter regarding availability of MP3 players.

Having the display is a nice feature and it’s great knowing when it’s about time to replace the battery unlike other similar priced mp3 players. It does require 1 AAA battery that is not included. Getting started was easy with no driver installation needed. Simply insert the battery, turn on by pressing the play/pause button for a few seconds and plug into the USB port of the computer. It will locate the device in an instant. They include instructions and details on all the features. Overall this product has been working good for the price.

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