10 Alternatives to the Traditional Bachelorette Party

Almost all brides have some sort of bachelorette party before their big day. But, today’s trend-setting brides-to-be, are passing on a night filled with bar hopping, male dancers, embarrassing public antics, and the headache that comes with it the next morning. Many women are opting for bachelorette party alternatives which combine the fun of getting “all the girls” together, along with some self-indulgence, which can be remembered long after a hangover wears off!

There’s something for everyone–from the sporty bride, to the spa bride–in this top 10 list:

1.) Lingerie Party
Invite a few (or lots) of your closest girlfriends over for a night of margaritas, delectable hors d’ oeuvres, and gossip while they lavish you with gifts of gorgeous lingerie. You will have a whole new wardrobe of undergarments to model for your new hubby!

2.) Spa Party
Kill two birds with one stone with a spa party. You will alleviate the planning pressure for your maid of honor and also give yourself a chance to sit back, relax and spend time with all the ladies before the stressful big day.
Visit: www.mobilespa.com to bring a spa party to your house!

3.) Sex Toy Party
Think Tupperware party – but way more fun! There are companies that will send a professional sales representative to your home to showcase a variety of products– romantic games, massage lotions, candles, bubble bath, etc. Don’t be shy…grab the wine and let loose with your closest friends. Plus, the hostess gets a percentage of any sales profit made from the party!
Visit: www.adulttoys4love.com to host a party.

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4.) Press Your Luck Party
Get your group of gals and head to the nearest race track or casino. Most local race tracks will only charge guests a nominal fee for their first bet, so grab your girls and pick a horse. Some gambling venues even host free music concerts and include it in the admission price! Whether it’s betting on a filly, cranking the slots or playing the ever-popular game of BINGO, press your luck and enjoy an afternoon of excitement with your friends. Maybe you’ll even win some money in the process!

5.) Scrapping Party
Tell your friends to gather up their photos and head on over to your house. Have ready blank scrap books, decorating supplies, scissors, glitter, glue etc. and plenty of room to spread out on the floor. (Hint: If you choose to incorporate wine, keep it away from the workspace!) Go through the pictures, recall hilarious stories and memorable moments. When each woman is finished, she can share her work of art and present it to you as a gift-something made with love, which will be a keepsake for a lifetime.

6.) Beach or Pool Party
Pack up the cooler, an umbrella, the radio, your SPF, and follow the sun. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm-weather locale, then the journey doesn’t have to be far. Spend a relaxing day unwinding by the pool or the surf catching up on the latest fashion magazines, celebrity gossip, and getting rid of those unsightly tan lines! If you want to add a special element to the party, have everyone bring a beach-themed gift, like sparkly sandals, kimonos, big straw hats, margarita glasses etc.

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7.) Amusement Park Party
There’s at least one in almost every state. If you friends are thrill seekers, they’ll enjoy your bachelorette party from 200 ft. in the air atop a scream-machine roller coaster. Of course, no park visit would be complete without some greasy vinegar fries, or funnel cake with powdered sugar! (Tip: Don’t take your gals to the man who guesses people’s weight!)
Visit: http://www.pki.com for the park with the World’s Longest Wooden Roller Coaster.

8.) Fun Sport Party
If your group of gals enjoys the outdoors and some healthy exercise, then plan a kayaking outing for everyone. Throughout the U.S. there are state parks which offer group canoeing, white water rafting, or even lazy river rafting for those who prefer to kick back and enjoy the ride. If your bachelorette party is in the winter, consider a group overnight at a local toboggan or skiing site. Snuggle up by the fire with some hot toddies, roast marshmallows and get in some quality time with your closest friends after an exhilarating day outdoors.
Visit: http://www.wvrafting.com/ for river activities.

9.) Slumber Party
Get over your thinking that a slumber party is only for pre-teens giggling over their latest crush. A good night of bonding with your girls could be just the thing to relax your pre-wedding jitters. Pick a place where you and your friends could hang out for the whole night and spread sleeping bags around! Get festive and light candles. Whip up a fattening feast of pizza and do-it-yourself hot fudge sundaes (you can skip the pre-wedding diet one night). Rent romantic movies and set up the bathroom for the ladies to receive well-deserved facials, or break out the polish and paint your nails and toes a sexy, diva red.

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10.) Jack & Jill Party
This party is for both the bride and groom. It’s also a way to gather your family and friends to celebrate your upcoming wedding. If your guest list is big, it may be easier to have the party at a restaurant where they serve the food and drinks, and forewarn the guests that you will be charging a few dollars per person to cover the cost of the food and festivities. If, you prefer not to charge people, narrow down the guest list and have a smaller informal gathering at someone’s home. The choice to come is up to you. Add some trivia games that involve the history of the couples courtship and engagement. Have everyone try to participate, and those who answer the questions correctly receive some sort of prize. (Throw in naughty prizes to increase friendly competition!)