10 American President Movies

Political films are not always serious, and these 10 American President movies are a mixture of comedy and drama. Some of the movies deal with actors portraying real former American Presidents, while others are completely fictional. These American President movies either poke fun at political life, or closely portray political life.

  1. “Frost/Nixon” It is one of the American President movies that has a real President portrayed by another actor. Frank Langella plays President Richard Nixon in the Oscar-nominated drama movie based on television interviews. The movie revolves around the revelatory interviews between British talk show host David Frost and former President Nixon.
  2. “JFK” This 1991 movie is about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. No actor played Kennedy, because he only appeared in the film via real archival footage. The plot revolves around counter-myth of what exactly happened the day President Kennedy got assassinated. It is an eye-opening movie about another theory of how President Kennedy was assassinated.
  3. “Dick” This 1999 comedy movie is about two girls who end up becoming the White House dog walkers. They soon discover that President Nixon is not a nice man, and inadvertently become “Deep Throat.” Dan Hedaya portrays former American President Richard M. Nixon. It is a refreshing comedy, that has a great fictional twist on the Watergate scandal.
  4. “The American President” This 1995 movie is about a widowed American President trying to win the love of an environmental lobbyist. President Shepherd realizes trying to court a woman is hard when the entire world is watching his every move. Michael Douglas portrays fictional American President Andrew Shepherd.
  5. “Air Force One” Harrison Ford stars as the fictional American President James Marshall in the 1997 adventure movie. The movie revolves around the President’s plane being hijacked while him and his family are on board. President Marshall tries to keep his family safe while maintaining integrity. The action packed movie is entertaining from start to finish.
  6. “In the Line of Fire” This American President movie stars Clint Eastwood as Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan who failed to save John F. Kennedy. Haunted with the memory, he soon finds himself faced with the same problem when assassination threats on the current President arise. Horrigan and his partner take it into their own hands to track down the would-be assassin before he kills the President.
  7. “Dave” The current American President wants to opt out duties for the day, so the White House staff finds a man to stand in for him. While having his “free day” the real President Bill Mitchell suffers an unexpected stroke and falls into a coma. Dave Kovic is forced to keep pretending to be the President while the White House decides what to do about the situation.
  8. “Primary Colors” This political comedy is loosely based on former American President Bill Clinton. In the movie, the Presidents name is Jack Stanton, but he resembles Clinton. The plot is based around journalist Joe Klein’s “Primary Colors” book. The book is based on Clinton’s campaign for the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination.
  9. “My Fellow Americans” Former presidents Kramer and Douglas are forced to join together in order to take down the current president. Current American President Haney tries to frame and kill the former Presents in order to cover up his scandals. The comedy movie revolves around Kramer and Douglas trekking across American trying to clear their names.
  10. “Head of State” This 2003 comedy movie is about an American President unexpectedly dying, and the man who becomes his replacement. Chris Rock stars as D.C . alderman, Mays Gilliam, who becomes the replacement. The late Bernie Mac stars as Gilliams running mate. The comedy team of Bernie Mac and Chris Rock is hilarious, and if you don’t take the American President movie seriously, you will enjoy watching it.