10 Beautiful and Easy Flowers that Will Bloom All Summer

Lilies and daffodils are among the most beautiful flowers, but unfortunately, these beauties are short-lived and will only bloom once per season. Many beginning gardeners long for a flower that will bloom all summer. Fortunately, there are many great options available, many of which are very inexpensive. Flowers that will bloom all season are almost by definition very hardy, which means these flowers can be excellent choices for even beginning gardeners and in most cases require only minimal care. Here are the ten best flowers that will bloom all season:

Full of tiny blooms and big green leaves, geraniums are a favorite choice for hanging baskets. These heat and cold tolerant beauties can survive under most conditions with only minimal effort. A perfect choice for a potted plant or for a flower bed, geraniums come in a variety of colors, ranging from white to bright red.

These gorgeous flowers are often associated with the tropics because of their lush, full bodies blooms. Hibiscus plants can get quite big, so plant them in an area where they’ll have plenty of room to grow. As long as a hibiscus is in direct sunlight, it will bloom and grow all season long, and come up strong year after year. A perfect choice for all but the coldest climates.

Petunias grow as if they are weeds and can take over an entire flower bed in a matter of weeks. These bell-shaped flowers come in a variety of colors and some strands have stripes and polka dots as well. Petunias start small, but don’t be fooled; in a few weeks, your petunias will need ample room to grow, so space them rather far apart. These flowers also tend to grow out rather than up, making them perfect ground cover, but also further necessitating the need to space Petunias relatively far apart.

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Black Eyed Susan
Similar to a daisy in appearance, Black Eyed Susans are popular choices for adding color to flower beds. With large brown centers, these lovely flowers come in a diverse array of colors, and are popular in their yellow manifestation because of their resemblance to sunflowers.

These bright golden yellow flowers are a perfect choice to add cheer and color to any garden. Even better, Marigolds tend to keep away pests, so you can plant them near flowers that are eaten by bugs as a natural and beautiful form of pest control.

Dianthus come in such a dizzying array of patterns and colors that they can look otherworldly. Ranging from a simple, unassuming pink to a spiky flower with edges, petals, and centers all in different colors, the appearance of Dianthus can be hypnotic. These flowers typically bloom for about two months, but with some deadheading will bloom most of the season.

Roses have a reputation for being a bit fussy and are often not the best choices in extremely hot or cold climates. However, some rose hybrids are incredibly hardy and will bloom all season long. Put a marigold next to a rose to keep the pests away, and ask your local garden center about long-blooming, hardy roses.

Stella D’Oro Daylily
Many people love the complex bell shape of the daylily, but most daylilies will only bloom once per season. Not so with this beauty, which comes in a variety of colors (most frequently yellow). Pick a daylily and you’ll have a bed of blooms all summer long.

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Pansies often appear to be two flowers in one, with three petals colored differently from the other petals. Their blooms can even be reminiscent of a face and come in virtually every color and combination imaginable. While these flowers can be cultivated to be short blooming perennials, in most cases pansies are the perfect long blooming annual or biennial.

Though technically an herb, the subtle blossoms of lavender are renowned for their intoxicating smell. Lavender comes up in spiky purple clusters and may help keep pests away.

With most of these plants, feeding according to the feeding schedule dictated by the directions that come with the flowers in addition to regular watering are the only requirements to keep these elegant blooms happy and healthy for an entire season.