10 Best Alternative Medicine Books

During my university days, I studied many different types of medicine both modern and alternative styles. Alternative medicine really hit me as a deep interest since it combined my veterinary science degree with my Asian studies. As a student studying medicine, I found that alternative medicine was a method that many could use around the world without having to empty ones’ banking account. There are many countries in the world that can not afford to go to the hospital or there may not even be a hospital in the same provincial area. Nonetheless there are other methods of medicine that many can afford, if he/she is open to try something unconventional. Personally I use alternative medicine instead of conventional medicine when possible since all the ingredients are from the earth. Humans should take form the earth and give back to it just the same – it is the green way of living. There are many alternative medicines available in the market today but here are my top ten choices:

Alternative Book #1:Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

Although many conventional medicine thinkers believe that Herbalism is just for hippies, there are many believers out there that would like to disagree with this rash argument. I personally love to use herbs to heal common issues such as cuts, bruises, colds, fevers and so on. Herbs can be found in many grocery stores today along with online resources and natural health stores. Natural supplements can also be purchased if the herb form is not available fresh. This book is a wonderful encyclopedia that explains the tons of herbs and how each one can cure the problem. At all times, natural medicine found in alternative medicine should be tried first before Allopathic (chemical-filled) medicine is used.

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Alternative Book #2:The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual

This is another Herbalism book that helps herbalist learn how to produce his/her own forms of flower essences, forms of herbal medicine, glycerin, and so on. It is a great method for learning about the herbs, plants, flowers around you that contain medicine that can be used instead of a chemical alternative.

Alternative Book #3: Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Alternative Medicine

This is a book that contains all different types of therapies that are included within alternative medicine. It contains useful information on switching from conventional medicine practices to learning about your body and how to know which alternative medicine practice should be used and when. It covers Ayuredic medicine, meditation, yoga, prayer, dream study and so much more. This is used for beginners learning about the different types of alternative medicine but should not be used for intermediate to advanced medicine users.

Alternative Book #4:Discovering the Body’s Wisdom

This book covers in full detail the Pressure Point Therapies, T’ai Chi and Infant Massage. I love this book because it goes over these three types of alternative medicines all in one book. It can be used on adults and then other chapters can be used on children; there is no need to purchase two books.

Alternative Book #5:Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer

I read a while back that 31% of patients today are now referring to alternative or complementary medicine when found to have cancer. This book is a blessing to those people that are now fighting cancer. It provides helpful methods for learning how to build your body up to fight cancer instead of just plain trying rid it of your body.

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Alternative Book #6:The American Holistic Health Association Complete Guide to Alternative Medicine

This book is much like the Alternative Book #3 I suggested above however it does contain more information in more detail. If you have experience with one method of alternative medicine but you want to find a wider understanding of different methods, I suggest using this book. It goes over everything from Ayurveda to Osteopathy.

Alternative Book #7:Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Although I am not much into healing through energy fields, I have read many books with numerous case studies explaining how energy can heal. There are amazing stories of energy healing out there on the internet and this is the best book that helps describe how the healing energy works and how to conduct a session through energy healing. This book differs from many others since it goes into deep details that really help understand how and why energy healing works.

Alternative Book #8:Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art

Reiki comes from Tibetan Buddhism and is explained in great detail in this book. The writer is a Reiki master that has been practicing since 1988. Reiki is a bit confusing since it is a method of holistic hands-on healing through drawing sacred symbols drawn on the patients’ hands and on the person that is helping to administer the healing art. This book is better than most other books because it actually shows the ancient drawings, many other books explain the drawings however because of tradition most do not show the actually symbol.

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Alternative Book #9:Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Authoritative and Comprehensive Guide

Some of the first forms of medicine can date back to Chinese medicine being written on bones; these bones were the start of the medicine profession. This book suggests that Chinese methods that have been explained in this book are over 4,000 years of age. It is a guide for healing chronic ailments such as bronchitis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis and so on. It is a great starter book for those taking a deep interest into the alternative healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Alternative Book #10:The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine: A New Translation of the Neijing Suwen with Commentary

Since I studied China intensively while in university, I really enjoy studying alternative medicine from this book. It covers many aspects of being ill such as how to diagnose illness, ways to cure, and ways to prevent illness and so on. It covers many different types of Traditional Chinese medicine practices such as acupuncture, psychology and so on.