10 Best Carrie Underwood Songs

With the rise of Itunes, many music listeners are rarely buying entire albums. We hear songs we love on the radio, and are able to pick and choose what we buy from a whole CD. Sure, we might save money, but we are losing out on all the songs that fail to become singles! Gone are the days when we would listen to a whole album. Now we just create our own playlist, or let Itunes Genius do it for us. Carrie Underwood has more singles than most that hit radio, but usually only country radio. For those of us who don’t like country, but love Carrie, we may be missing out on some fabulous songs!

(10) “I Aint in Checotah Anymore” from Some Hearts (Underwood, Bruce, and Angelo)- An upbeat ode to the town where she grew up, this song is really an inside look to who Carrie Underwood is. It’s really catchy, super fun and has her usual solid vocals. The lyrics might even make you laugh as you follow this country girl to the big city. I must in any Carrie playlist.

(9) “I Know You Won’t” from Carnival Ride (Mobley, Thrash, and McEwan) This is one of her most vocally stunning ballads and an exercise in breath control. It is very honest and heartfelt, but also has a desperation to its incredible held notes. It might be too depressing for a summer playlist, but if you haven’t heard it you are missing out.

(8) “Lessons Learned” from Some Hearts (Warren)- Penned by Diane Warren, this song is mid-tempo and talks about the mistakes we make in life. It’s not as preachy as some of the songs on Play On and is great to put on when you just need to let out some emotion to some great vocals. If you get a flat tire or gossip about a friend, stick on this song to learn and grow.

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(7) “Someday When I Stop Loving You” from Play On (Lindsey, McEwan, and Sampson)- Underwood’s most subtle and yearning vocal to date. The lyrics are there for anyone who is in love with someone who does not return the feelings. We’ve all been there, and this song perfectly captures the mind set of pining for someone. It’s a great way to hear a new side of Carrie’s vocals.

(6) “Crazy Dreams” from Carnival Ride (Dean, Verges, and Underwood)- My favorite song of her’s to play for kids. It’s upbeat and has a great message that we can do anything we put our mind to if we follow our dreams! Blare it in the car with your kids, so they can belt along too!

(5) “Ever Ever After” from Enchanted Soundtrack- Another one your kids might enjoy, this song had a video, but did not get much radio play. It’s fun and Carrie’s vocals absolutely shine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney does a cartoon about a girl growing up in the country with Carrie doing the voice. Sounds like a perfect match!

(4) “Quitter” from Play On (Martin, Shellback, and Kotecha)- I love the unique phrasing of the verses and also the glimpse into how Carrie handles relationships. The chorus soars and you will play it again and again. There is a perfect combination of reflection in the low key verses and bombast in the chorus.

(3) “The More Boys I Meet” from Carnival Ride (Kennedy and McEwan)- What a catchy, funny song! I’m still surprised this has not been a single! If you have gone on some bad dates this is the perfect song for you! Sing a long to the absolutely amazing chorus and let all the past guys know that you much prefer your dog. This song is adorable and catchy.

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(2) “We’re Young and Beautiful” from Some Hearts (Rutherford and McEwan)- An underrated tune from her first album, this song has some spunky vocals and has a very different sound to it in comparison to most of the album. They lyrics are a little silly, but you won’t mind as you belt along. It’s a great addition to a Carrie playlist!

(1) “Songs Like This” from Play On (Dodson, Flowers, and Shapiro)- My personal favorite song of hers, this one grabs you and doesn’t let you go. If de-countrified, it could easily be a Kelly Clarkson song. I love when Carrie tells of her man in her songs, but this is even better! Sassy, funny, catchy, with an awesome beat, you will not regret this download!!!

I hope you find some Carrie Underwood songs beyond the singles for your enjoyment. While every single on someone’s album might not be worth the buy, it’s worth giving the rest of it a listen to make sure you are not missing out! Be sure to check out the Best of Kelly Clarkson:Beyond the Singles!