10 Best Father’s Day Beer Gifts for Dad

I have been blessed with a full blooded German father who loves his beer. Mom hates to see him drunk, but if he is going to drink anyway, I think, “hey, why not indulge him with a beer gift.” It’s fun, reasonably inexpensive, and a great father’s day gift.

1.Beer gift baskets: Whether your dad likes sports, books, or is a Harley Davidson fan like my dad, this is sure to be a hit. One year for Father’s Day I filled a basket with his favorite beer, a Harley hat and a pair of leather gloves. Granted I had to wrap up the gloves so they weren’t drenched with condensation, it still went without a hitch.

2. Personalized beer mugs: What beer drinking dad would not like his own special mug engraved with, “Happy Father’s Day to the World’s Best Dad?

3. Beer hats: These are great, and humorous. One year I bought a huge cowboy hat that looked like it was made out of a Budweiser case.

4. Beer cards: I buy one of these for my dad every Father’s Day, sometimes even for birthday’s and Christmas. I honestly can’t think of any other kind of card I find that would be appropriate for my dad… besides a biker card. There’s usually a beer on the front with some funny little ditty inside.

5. Beer shirts: Your dad’s wardrobe will not feel complete unless he has at least one t-shirt with his favorite beer logo on the front.

6. Beer socks: Yes, they make them. But if you can’t find the kind you want online, you can make them.

7. Beer underwear: Okay, I agree that we probably never want to actually see our fathers gallivanting around the house sporting their new pair of beer Speedos or boxers -we’ll save that for you mom- these are a wonderful Father’s Day gift.

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8. Beer koozies: These are easy and cheap. Plus they can be found at nearly every convenience store that sells beer. Need a last minute gift for dad? Buy a koozie. Some of them are so cute that I have bought myself five, and I don’t even drink beer. But what woman cannot resist a koozie that says “Princess” on the front?

Beer gag gifts:

9. Framed beer or beer photo album/scrapbook : You can choose one or both.

The framed beer is ultimately for single fathers. Just buy a frame, and put a picture of your dad’s favorite beer in the display window. This is sure to inspire him if he sits it on his desk at work.

Beer photo album/scrapbook: The beer photo album is a bit more difficult and time consuming, but it is the most fun. The main idea behind this concept is to catch your dad at his drunkest, and snap a picture of him holding a beer. Compile all of these pictures together in an album entitled, “The best moments that I do not remember.”


10. Beer: If you have a dad with a laid back attitude, and a decent sense of humor, it wouldn’t be insulting to buy him a case of beer. I know my dad wouldn’t mind.