10 Best Looking Foreign Male Actors

  1. Robert Pattinson. The 23 year old actor better known as his character, Edward Cullen, from Twilight, is originally from London, England. The young actor got noticed after his role as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie, and now is plastered across the front of every magazine on the rack. [1]
  2. Ryan Gosling. The 29 year old native Canadian actor was a child star and starred on The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera.[2] He made his mark in Hollywood for his lead role in the 2004 chick-flick The Notebook. This young actor, arguably, has shown the most talent of any of the former Mouseketeers. He received a best actor nomination for his work in Half Nelson in 2007.
  3. Gael Garcia Bernal. The 30 year old Mexican actor was a teenage soap star in Mexico, but he made it big for his role in the critically acclaimed foreign film Y tu mama tambien in 2001. He later stared as Che Guevara in the 2004 movie The Motorcycle Diaries.[3]
  4. Heath Ledger. The Australian actor would be 30 this year, but he passed away at 28 years old after an accidental overdose. He was on one of Australia’s most popular TV shows, Home and Away, in 1997 before making it big in the USA. The Aussie actor’s breakout role was in the 1999 teenage romance film Ten Thins I Hate about You staring Julia Stiles. [4]
  5. Colin Farrell. The 33 year old Irish actor made it big after his lead role in the Joel Schumacher directed film, Tigerland. He later became equally known for his bad boy heavy drinking, chain smoking ways.
  6. Ryan Reynolds. Another Canadian actor, the Vancouver native was equally as known for his breakthrough role in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder staring Tara Reid as he was his relationship to Canadian singer, Alanis Morrisette. Now married to actress Scarlett Johansen the actor is regarded as one of the best looking in Hollywood.
  7. Gilles Marini. The 33 year old French actors made it onto this list, and onto TV show Dancing with the Stars for a small role he had as Samantha’s naked neighbor in the Sex and the City: the Movie. His mother is of Greek origin and his father Italian, and Gilles was originally a model before an actor.[5]
  8. Christian Bale. The 35 year old English actor was born in Wales but was a world citizen living in Portugal and the United States as he followed his circus performing family around the world. He made his mark at just 13 years old in the Steven Spielberg film Empire of the Sun at just 13 years old. He may be best known today as “Batman”.
  9. Ewan McGregor. The 38 year old Scottish actor equally disgusted as well as appealed to theatre goers in his break out 1996 film Trainspotting about heroin addiction.[6]
  10. Hugh Jackman. The 41 year old Sydney, Australia native may be the oldest on the list, but just as good looking as the much younger Pattinson. The actor reached international fame in his 2000 role in X-Men the film based on the D.C. comic as the actor Wolverine. He was 2008’s People magazine “Sexiest man in the world”.
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