10 Best P90X Exercises for Running

I was getting ready for my run, when I stopped to watch theP90X commercial for the thousandth time for the past many years. Each time I watched the commercial, I said to myself, there is no way I can do it. However, this time it was different. I had a burning desire to qualify for the legendary Boston Marathon.

Based on my age, the new qualifying time is 3:15, which is a 7:26 pace. Each of my previous marathons, were grueling 5 plus hour. I usually crash around the 16 mile mark.

I figure I need to lose more weight, and P90X seemed to have the right combination of exercises and nutrition plan to get me there. P90X has over 250 different exercises. Here are the exercises I believe are the 10 best P90X Exercise will help your run faster.

Back Fly from Chest & Back is great to keep your upper body erect, which is especially important in distance running. After so many miles, you tend to get tired and you start to drop your shoulders and hunch over. This posture makes it more difficult to breath, and without enough air you will start getting more tired.

Jump Knee Tuck from Plyometrics provide that extra blast that runners need to get down the course. This exercise increases the stamina of your legs. Basically your hopping up and down with both legs as high as possible.

Mary Katherine Lunge from Plyometrics is another great exercise. Your quads will love you and your ankles will get some strengthening as you switch legs in mid air and land. This is the ultimate modification of the traditional lunge.

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Run Squat 180 Jump Switch from Plyometrics will get your lungs screaming as you increase your VO2max with this exercise. You start in a runner’s stance with the hand touch the ground closest to the front. Then you jump up and switch legs and touch the ground again with the other hand, switching back and forth.

Hot Foot from Plyometrics strengthens the knee and ankle as you hop on one foot from side to side. Your calves will get a great workout.

Frog from Yoga X stretches the inner thighs and the hips as you get close to the ground. With your hip and knees are positioned in 90 degrees.

Single Leg Wall Squat from Legs & Back will make you curse as you start with the wall squat. With one leg straight out and the other doing the squat. This exercise is totally extreme.

Three Direction Kick from Kempo X start with a front kick, side kick and then back kick. You will feel your glute the next day.

Downward Dog with Calf Stretch will make your calves feel good as you alternate bending one knee and straightening the other leg to stretch the calf.

Mason Twist from Ab Ripper X will leave your abs wanting more. This exercise will help you get your six-pack abs in no time. A strong core helps with the running

The combination of these moves helps strengthen the legs and prepare them for that running race you are doing. Again, always consult with your healthcare team prior to starting any exercise program especially an extreme routine such as P90X.

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So far, I dropped from an easy 12 min mile pace to a sub 10 minute mile at the New Jersey Half Marathon. My next marathon is the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton. PA. I will be aiming for a 4:30 time. Not ready for Boston yet, but I will be there soon!