10 Best Places in California for a Family Vacation

California is a very big state with plenty to see and plenty to do. When you are visiting California for a family vacation, be sure to consider these following 10 options for where to go, what to do, what to see, and where to stay.

California Family Vacation: Northern California:

California Family Vacation: Mount Shasta: Up in Northern California, there is a great place to visit where the whole family can enjoy; the town and the attraction both bear the same name: Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta is a city which is at the foot of the gigantic mountain. At more than 14,000 feet tall Mount Shasta has many year round activities. With plenty of places to stay, plenty of places to dine, and plenty more to do, the choice is really yours. Mount Shasta is a volcano; the second tallest one in the US!

California Family Vacation: Napa Valley: Wine is the name of the game in Napa Valley but there really is plenty to keep all tastes satisfied. While you may wish to visit Napa with your adult children once they’re more able to appreciate the subtleties of wine and the other relaxing spas and such which are in the Napa Valley, it’s never too soon to get your kids hip to the finer things in life.

California Family Vacation: Golden Gate Bridge: Linking up San Francisco and Marin County to the north, the Golden Gate Bridge is a vacation destination unto itself. One of the world’s most remarkable bridges to see in person, this gorgeous suspension bridge can be your reason to go back and visit the Bay Area. Just be careful if you’re crossing the bridge with little ones as the Golden Gate Bridge is known to be the most visited destination for the suicidal in the world.

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California Family Vacation: Central California:

California Family Vacation: Yosemite National Park: Known for the great outdoors, Yosemite National Park is not just great but also outdoors! The 1200 or so square miles of Yosemite is known for much including waterfalls, valleys, meadows, and sequoias but you should go and come back for the natural beauty and wonder which lay inside this hallowed shrine.

California Family Vacation: Monterey: For the lover of all things outdoors; Monterey is a great place for your family to consider when you are looking for one great place to go on your California family vacation. Monterey is also home to the wonderful Monterey Bay Aquarium but for lovers of great American literature, go visit Monterey (and nearby Salinas) and see the rich world which John Steinbeck saw and wrote about which has transcended generations.

California Family Vacation: Santa Cruz: Come to Santa Cruz for the redwoods; stay in Santa Cruz for the fun, beaches, restaurants, hotels, and bed and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean along Highway 1. Consider a place like Adobe on the Green if you’re looking for a Santa Cruz destination with a little less noise involved and you may find the Santa Cruz relaxation can set you aright in no time!

California Family Vacation: Southern California:

California Family Vacation: Channel Islands National Park:Some people may not even know that a short trip from the mainland is a place left virtually untouched for thousands of years; Channel Islands National Park. At Channel Islands National Park visitors will find unique plants, animals, and other archaeological resources which are not found elsewhere on earth. The five islands are Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara and each has its own unique story to tell.

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California Family Vacation: Malibu:While Malibu is located in Los Angeles County, Malibu is not at all Los Angeles. With plenty of places to stay, parks and beaches to visit, and restaurants to knock your socks off, you may begin your Los Angeles visit in Malibu and never leave the place!

California Family Vacation: San Diego: While this is sort of a general suggestion, the fact is there is so much to do in San Diego that it does indeed make for a great California family vacation destination. Plenty of theatre, art, museums, and music venues to go out to; a visit to San Diego is all good. And with its largely temperate climate and plenty of places to stay and dine, your family should definitely consider a San Diego family vacation as part of your family vacation program!