10 Best Puppy Care Tips

Like a furry baby, your puppy depends on you for the best puppy care. From avoiding accidents, to health tips and healthy puppy food practices, be the best parent you can be by following this best puppy care tips.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #1

The most important puppy care tip of all ensure that your puppy will always find his way back to you. Give your puppy his first gift the day you meet-a soft, puppy collar with your phone number on the name tag. Why? Because 6 out of 10 dogs who get lost never make it back home. And the best puppy care is about protecting your puppy from the things you hope will never happen.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #2

Compassionate puppy care begins with thinking like a puppy. Puppies are small, and sometimes they get overwhelmed and want to hide somewhere small, warm and safe. Create a safe haven for your puppy. It can be a crate or an enclosed doggie bed.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #3

Smart puppy care focuses on good nutrition. Consult your vet about your puppies breed, even if he is mixed. Find out what nutrition your vet recommends for this breed. And be sure to buy a puppy formula for your puppies first year. Remember that dog food made from USA ingredients is the safest. Smart puppy care avoids those terrifying moments when dog food is suddenly recalled by manufacturers because of contaminated ingredients from China.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #4

Tidy puppy care keeps your puppy from getting himself into dangerous mischief. Keep puppy food in sealed containers, so your furry friend can’t have his own takeout marathon. Keep cleaning supplies in closed cupboards, and house plants out of reach.

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Best Puppy Care: Tip #5

Hygienic puppy care focuses on puppy grooming from the start, because dog grooming is just as important for your health as your puppy’s. From nail clipping to grooming your puppies backside, here are the tips for basic dog grooming for a healthy, happy puppy. And don’t be afraid of adding puppy baths to your puppy care routine. Just follow these tips for bathing your puppy at home.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #6

Good puppy care focuses on hydration. That’s because most dogs don’t drink enough, which can lead to weight gain and urinary tract infections. Place little water cups in several rooms, to tempt your puppy to drink. And refresh the cups daily. Avoid electrical water fountains as they require an electric outlet and are more difficult to clean than simple ups.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #7

Educational puppy care teaches through play. Why? Because that’s how puppies learn from their mother’s in nature. Use play to train your puppy to fetch things, to sit on command, to come to you when you call him. And follow these tips for what NOT to do when playing with your puppy; as well as these tips for potty training
your puppy quickly and lovingly.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #8

Tough love puppy care is just as important as hugs and kisses. Avoid over-indulging your puppy by giving him too many treats. He will stop eating his nutritious puppy food, gain weight have less energy. And be consistent and serious when you lovingly teach your puppy how to be the best dog that he can be. Just like a good parent, make your puppy care wise as well as compassionate.

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Best Puppy Care: Tip #9

Incorporate puppy teething toys into your puppy care. Puppy teething toys can be placed in the freezer. The cold will help the gum pain your puppy will feel. In turn, your puppy will do a lot less destructive chewing of furniture and your Gucci loafers.

Best Puppy Care: Tip #10

Think like a puppy for the best puppy care ideas. This can include buying a puppy gate, to give your puppy a smaller area to roam. With a smaller home space, your puppy will become potty trained a lot faster. Help your puppy to stay out of trouble by removing any valuables that he might chew or destroy, like expensive leather gloves, or an antique vase.

And remember-puppy care can start even before you have a puppy by choosing your puppy breed carefully. Find your perfect match by following these 5 tips for choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle. And discover how a puppy pen can simplify dog training.