10 Best Restaurants Near Eiffel Tower

Paris is touted as one of the most romantic cities in the world. What is better than a great dining experience to savor the romantic atmosphere? Here are 10 best restaurants near Eiffel Tower that can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Le 58 Tour Eiffel

One of the best restaurants in Eiffel area is inside the Eiffel Tower itself. This traditional French cuisine restaurant is located on the tower’s first level. Patrons of the restaurants are treated to the view of the Trocadero area of Paris as well as the metal works of the tower itself. Reserve well ahead of time (at least 2 weeks in advance) and be prepared to fork out at least around 65 euros per person.

Le Jules Vernes Restaurant

Another famous restaurant in Eiffel is located on the tower’s second floor. Famous chef Alain Ducasse is the owner of this 1-star Michelin restaurant offering traditional gastronomic French menus. Remarkable view and astounding menu only mean solid bookings for days, therefore it is best to reserve the place in advance. The dress code is dressy, so be sure to avoid jeans and sneakers.

Le Malakof

A less formal albeit nice restaurant in Eiffel area can be found just across the street from the Trocodero viewing area. Enjoying a meal in Le Malakof (6, place du Trocadero et 11 Novembre) comes with a great view of the tower. Expect to spend 5 euros for a drink and 22 euros for an entree. There is no dress code in this location so this is a perfect dining spot for casual tourists.

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If you are craving for fresh seafood, come to this Japanese restaurant near Eiffel vicinity. Tampopo is located in 66 rue Lauriston, Victor Hugo with great sushi and sashimi. Expect to pay around 20 euros and above for an entree in this restaurant.

Passy Mandarin

Another great Asian restaurant in the Eiffel area, Passy Mandarin is located on 6, rue Bois le Vent. The restaurant is rated high for its food, service, value and ambiance. An insider tip: try anything with duck on the menu, as it is really delicious.


One of the best restaurants in Eiffel Tower vicinity, this small, 1-star Michelin establishment is not to be missed if you are after a cozy, classy and intimate dining experience. Located on 33, rue de Longchamp, you can expect to spend around 60 euros for a tasty meal in this restaurant.

Café de l’Homme

Located in 17 Place du Trocadéro, Musée de l’Homme, Café de l’Homme is a nice romantic spot for dining in the Eiffel Tower area. The restaurant offers a wide range of international fine cuisine, perfect for tourists who get homesick of the casual American-style steak. The restaurant also boasts one of the best views available of Eiffel Tower.

Café Carrette

For a quick snack or meal near Eiffel Tower, head for Café Carrette, a restaurant opened in 1972. It offers a wide range of colorful flavored macaroons, chocolate éclairs, pastries, and light food for breakfast or brunch. Sitting at the terrace will grant patrons a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

Le P’tit Troquet

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Le P’tit Troquet is a small bistro in 28, rue de l’Exposition, a quaint restaurant near the Eiffel Tower offering traditional French menu. The ambiance is country-looking and homey, like a French lady’s small kitchen. The reasonable price and friendly service makes this place one of the must’s restaurant to dine at in Paris.

Au Bon Accueil

Au Bon Accueil is located on 14, rue de Monttessuy. A great neighborhood restaurant near the Eiffel Tower, this place offers warm and friendly service. Tourists may relax a little here while enjoying superb foi gras and the view of nearby Eiffel Tower.