10 Best Songs by Debbie Gibson

  1. Only in My Dreams – This song started it all for her. It was her first hit and she was a young adolescent at the time she wrote it. It is a very catchy song and it is the definition of pop rock.
  2. Between the Lines – This is probably my favorite song by Debbie Gibson. I love the soul with which she sings and the choir in the background. I have to listen to this song every now and then because it is so uplifting.
  3. Out of the Blue – When I first heard this song on the radio, I immediately liked it. I love the beat and the bass. It is so uplifting and encouraging and it makes you start seeing love everywhere.
  4. Lost in Your Eyes – This song really demonstrates Debbie’s ability to write and sing ballads. It is such a well-written song and it really fits her voice well. The song shows off her vocal range and her vibrato.
  5. No More Rhyme – There’s something about this song that makes me want to sing it. I learned all the words to it when I was a teenager. I think of it as an ambitious song to sing because of the range. This song really shows Debbie’s talent as a songwriter.
  6. Little Birdie – This is another one of Debbie’s cheerful and upbeat songs, her specialty. This song is off her 4th album “Body, Mind and Soul”. I think this is a song that really hits home the feeling of euphoria when you are in love.
  7. Tear Down These Walls – What I like about this song, also off Body, Mind and Soul, is that Debbie is finally stepping out of writing only love songs and stepping into writing songs with more social meaning. This song does a good job of infusing hope for tearing down the walls between people in society. I love the line “let’s build a bridge and meet halfway and if we fall, we fall together. I know there once was a sad day but the past shouldn’t linger on forever” – this line is actually from the bridge of the song and I love the symbolism.
  8. Ode to a Would-Be Lover – I love the depth of this song off her 5th album “Deborah Gibson”. You can tell that she’s matured with this song and starting to understand relationships in a different way – how things aren’t as simple as we would like but how we can still make the best out of the complexities.
  9. Too Fancy – Debbie really steps out of the box with this song off my favorite album of her’s: “Think With Your Heart”. Every song on this album is good. I’ve even heard the song “For Better or Worse” played on the radio. Let’s admit: Debbie did not get much radio play with her later albums. I love the humor and the jazzy edge to this short, simple but unique song.
  10. Two Young Kids – This song also demonstrates Debbie’s maturity as a songwriter. This is a great love song that she wrote for her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I love the hook: “and 2 young kids will be wishing they were us”. I really admire couples who have been together for years. Nothing is more romantic to me than growing old with someone and this song does a good job of expressing this sentiment.