10 Best Teen Drama Movies

The 10 best teen drama movies focus on young adults facing troublesome challenges and situations. The movie roles revolve around teens, but the plots have mature content. There is no sugar coating in teen dramas and some of these movies will bring you to tears. The best teen drama movies have adult themes that can be enjoyed by both teenagers and adults.

  1. “Precious” This story revolves around a teen girl named Precious who became pregnant for the second time with her father’s child. Against all odds, Precious tries to get her life in order with the help of a sympathetic teacher. Her mother only cares about collecting money from the government, and turns an eye to her husband abusing Precious. This is one of the best teen drama movies because it’s a powerful story that can pull on anyone’s heartstrings.
  2. “Rebel Without a Cause” Troubled teen Jim Stark finds himself in a new town after his family moves. He falls for Judy, an innocent girl, but that doesn’t curve his desire for the fast life. Jim feels the need to prove himself to classmate,s which leads to a deadly game of chicken. This classic teen drama movie stars James Dean as Jim Stark and Natalie Wood as Judy. James Dean actually died in real life before the movie was released.
  3. “Thirteen” One of the best teen drama movies is about 13-year-old Tracy’s downward spiral into sex, drugs and self-mutilation. Tracy starts off as an innocent teen until she befriends a popular classmate, Evie . The story revolves around the two girls’ friendship and Tracy’s mother’s struggle to get a hold of her teen daughter. The teen drama is a fairly realisic look at what can happen to a child getting out of control.
  4. “Almost Famous” A teen boy winds up being assigned to write a story by “Rolling Stone.” His job entails following a popular band to get the inside scoop. While on the road he encounters, sex, drugs and rock & roll. He starts to fall for a groupie named Penny Lane, but she has already fallen for the lead singer. This is one of the best teen drama movie because it sheds a truthful light on the gritty world of the music industry.
  5. “A Walk to Remember” A popular student finds himself in a relationship with Jamie, a reverend’s daughter in the teen movie “A Walk to Remember.” The unlikely pair fall in love, but Jamie harvests a deep secret. There is no cookie cutter ending to the love story in the teen drama movie, which is heartbreaking but sincere. This is one movie that can have almost anyone in tears by the ending.
  6. “Dead Poets Society” English teacher John Keating inspires students through a secret poetry society. An unfortunate death occurs and Keating is blamed and fired. The teen drama is a heartfelt tale about his students rally to get his job back as a thank you to Keating for being a positive influence on their lives.
  7. “Heathers” A popular group of girls who are all named Heather rule high school. The only non-Heather is Veronica, who secretly hates her tight-knit group of girlfriends. Drama ensues when Veronica and her new boyfriend start to plot the deaths of all the Heathers.
  8. “The Outsiders” The classic teen drama movie is based on a novel by S.E . Hinton. It follows two groups of teens who hate each other, “The Socials” and “The Greasers.” The war between the two groups of male teenagers causes the town to divide and blood to be shed.
  9. “Kids” The 1995 teen drama movie is a dark tale about kids who have no parental boundaries. The teenagers live a carefree life and have the assumption nothing bad will ever happen. Unknowingly, one of the teens contracts H.I.V . which causes a chain reaction of everyone being at risk since they freely have sex with each other.
  10. “Juno” One of the best teen dramas is about a high-school girl’s unexpected pregnancy and journey of placing her baby for adoption. Juno comes from a good, strong family and after having sex once, she finds herself pregnant. The movie follows Juno’s journey through finding adoptive parents and making a connection with the up tight couple.