10 Bikini’s for Any Body Type

If you’ve been scared to wear a bikini because you’re afraid of exposing some of your more unflattering sides I have news for you. Not only are there bikini’s that are designed to make you feel good, but bikini’s that make you look your best, too. I have chosen my top ten best picks for this year’s hottest body flattering bikinis.

It’s all about where you shop. If you go to discount stores for your swimwear expect discount quality. Most discount stores offer a one size fits all approach to swimwear which means your selection will be generic or designed for the girls we love to envy. One of my favorite places to shop for bikinis is Newport News. They have a swim shop that lets you build your own bikini. This feature is awesome if you have a few areas that need improvement but you don’t have the time to tone it up at the gym. I especially love the beaded hard cup underwire bikini top that’s on sale now for only $24 to make sure your best assets are securely in place. It comes in hot pink or tons of other colors it can be paired with the bikini mid-cut bikini bottom for $19.99 which also serves as a body shaper. Perfect for instant slimming.

Another of my favorite places to shop for a bikini is Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret has the right ideas in mind when they designed a bikini push up halter top with matching low rise bikini bottoms priced at an amazing $24. With prices that cheap you can afford to buy a few for all of your summertime adventures. The best part about the low rise bikini bottom is that it sits perfectly on the waist which leaves plenty to the imagination. If you’re one of the girls who have a bigger bust line you may want to consider trying a tankini paired with a bikini bottom because it works as a body shaper and minimizes the bust line giving the appearance of a smaller chest size. If you’re heavier on the bottom you want to make sure you wear bikini bottoms that are not too small but a bottom that compliments your fuller shape.

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Nordstrom tops the list for body flattering bikinis because their swim shop allows you to pick bikinis according to your body shape for example: straight, apple, pear, hour glass and full bust. A personal favorite is the Coco Rave ‘Twister Dot’ bikini set for $44-$52 dollars. The bottoms to this bikini look like a super mini skirt so that it covers the hips while still looking ultra sexy. This works best for women who have wider hips. My top pick for those ladies with a large bust is the TYR sport ‘Wipeout’ Reversible bikini top priced at $44. It doubles as a sports bra offering wonderful support and full reversible coverage. It’s like having two bikinis for the price of one. For the ladies who are fortunate to have an hour glass figure the body flattering bikini for you is the Tommy Bahama twist bikini. It comes in an alluring red and the bottom has a side tie wrap around. The bra top compliments your bust by giving it a lift. You’ll be surprised that it only cost between $38 to $76.

Swimwear designers have been trying to accommodate all of the real women out there which led to the magnificent tankini. You can stay covered up but still look sexy at a much cheaper price. For those ladies who are still a little shy about going all the way I have my fave five for your body type.

Macy’s is the go to for all things tankini. There are so many styles to choose from but with limited time I worked hard to narrow it down to my fave five. Number one on the list is the Coco Reef tankini. It has a twist underwire that offer added security and a belted skirt bottom for the sale price of $46.50. It has all of the elements that make a great swimsuit great. Low price, added support, and a skirted bottom for the self conscious Second on the list is the 2Bamboo Swimsuit. It comes in a paisley print twist front and asymmetrical sash hipster bottom. There are not enough great things to be said about it. It lifts, it smoothes and it covers. Its normal priced between $38 and $62 but it’s on sale now for a beautiful $28.50 to $46.50. For the bold souls daring enough to wear all white in the water they will be pleasantly surprised with the price tag on my third choice the La Blanc tankini with the hipster bottom the sales price is $ 29.25. Number four on my list was a bit difficult but I chose the Jantzen tankini top and high waist bottom for two reasons. The first is high waist bottoms everyone is not able to wear low rise bikini bottoms so this offers a flattering alternative. The second reason was because of its versatility. The top can be worn with a pair of shorts and no one would have to know that it was a part of a bikini. With a price a sale price of $23 to $32 it can fit with any budget. My number five fave for body flattering bikinis is the every cute light pink Kenneth Cole REACTION halter tankini and ruched skirted bottom for $46.50 to $49.50 on sale now.

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So there you have it my top ten favorite body flattering bikinis under $100. Each bikini listed can be bought from