10 Cancer Symptoms Often Ignored by Men

Knowing the symptoms of cancer most ignored by men can save your life. If you’re a woman, it could save the life of your husband, father, or brother. Men are raised with a ‘tough it out’ attitude concerning illness. When it comes to ignoring cancer symptoms that attitude can be fatal. Here are ten commonly ignored cancer signs and symptoms all men should know about.

Breast changes

Men sometimes ignore breast issues. Most don’t realize that breast cancer can happen to men. Swelling, pain, scaly rash, dimpling, lumps and discharge are the signs a man may have breast cancer. Any of these symptoms should be reported to your doctor right away.

Testicle changes

Testicles do swell occasionally. A man might ignore this cancer symptom. If a testicle is frequently or continually swollen, with or without pain, this could be a sign of testicle cancer. Testicle cancer has a high cure rate with early detection. Left alone, it can spread to other areas.

Heaviness of the lower extremities

Men should not ignore pain or heaviness in the pelvic area. This is a common symptom of prostate cancer. This type of weighted down feeling in the legs or testicles is also a symptom of testicular cancer. Prostate and testicle cancers can spread rapidly when ignored.

Difficult or painful urination

This is a symptom of many serious conditions in men, including prostate cancer. Do not ignore pain, itching, burning, blood or difficulty in urinating. Get to a doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms. It could be cancer, an STD or an infection. All of these require immediate treatment.

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Erectile dysfunction

Men may not mention erectile dysfunction symptoms because they’re embarrassed. There’s no reason to risk your life over this issue. Erectile dysfunction is one of the signs that prostate cancer is progressing. See a doctor right away for erectile problems or pain.

Elimination difficulty

Persistent trouble with the bowels is a sign of colon cancer in both men and women. Watch for symptoms like frequency change, color change, blood, pain and pale waxy stools. One clear indicator should not be ignored. That is the feeling there is more to be eliminated once you are finished.

Extreme weakness, dizziness and fatigue

These are all symptoms of many types of cancer and other illnesses. Men should not ignore fatigue, weakness and dizziness that don’t go away after sleep. Your body is trying to fight something serious. Get to a doctor right away if you have these symptoms.

Frequent heartburn and trouble swallowing

These two symptoms should not be ignored by men or women. They are signs of esophageal cancer. If you constantly feel an obstruction or pain when swallowing see a doctor immediately. Frequent heartburn can irritate the esophagus making it more susceptible to cancer.

Feeling of fullness

Watch for loss of appetite and a feeling of fullness when you’ve eaten very little. These could be signs of digestive or other cancers. Do not ignore these symptoms when they occur. A feeling of fullness is a sign liver cancer is hampering digestion.

Discoloration in the mouth

White or discolored patches in the mouth may be signs of oral cancer. Men who chew tobacco or smoke should be especially careful not to ignore these symptoms. Oral cancer can happen even if these behaviors aren’t present.

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Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional medical advice.


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