10 Cheap Gifts for Your Coach

When shopping this year, don’t forget about your coach. They provide a lot of their time to you, and many go beyond their coaching duties to become real friends to their teams. Here are some great gifts for the coach in your life.

Personalized Football Mug $15


Football Coach

These mugs can be personalized down to the writing, colors and the design. The mugs are each 11 ounces and made out of ceramic. They come inside a gift box for easy gift giving. There are 6 designs to choose from. You add your logo, title, coach name, team name, year, main color, 2nd color, school name and a personal message. They offer 16 different colors to choose from.

Number One Coach License Plate $20


Any Male Coach

This great gift is great for any male coach in your life. There is no type of sport mentioned here which makes this a great universal gift for any coach. This license plate is Blue with red writing. It reads Our Coach is #1 and has a picture of a man wearing a sweatshirt that says coach. He is also holding a clipboard in his hand. They also offer personalization for this product.

Coaches Inspire Softball


Soft Ball Coach

A great present for your softball coach. This softball has a green diamond plate, two bats and a ball printed on it. It reads “Coaches inspire greatness” below the picture. The ball size is 3.75 inches. You can also add personalized writing to this ball.

Personalized Coach Cartoon Framed Picture $15


Little League Baseball Coach

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Personalize a great cartoon picture for your coach. You chose the sex of the coach, and the sex of the children. You also customize the sign hanging on the fence with your team name and year. Pick the color shirt you want your coach to wear, which will also match the mat color of the picture. A banner at the bottom says the coach’s name. You can order a frame for this picture for $6 more and a matching mouse pad for $5 more.

Personalized Coach Shirt $15


This shirt can be customized for baseball, basketball, football, and hockey or soccer coach. You can have your coach’s name placed on it with items to match the sport they coach. The shirts are made with cotton/polyester and come in 4 different sizes.

Hockey Puck Gift $15


Hockey Coach

A great gift for the hockey coach in your life. This pick is a regulation size puck. The middle of the puck holds any picture you send it, would be great for a team photo or a funny moment with your coach. You can also customize two lines of text on the puck.

Autograph Shadowbox Frame $25


Football, Basketball, Golf, Cheerleading, Baseball, Bowling, Soccer, Volleyball

This is another great universal gift. You can customize this gift at home. All you need is your team picture and their autographs to complete this great gift. This frame is 8X10 in size, and you choose the mat size to match your picture. This frame comes with 20 different stickers to customize to the sports listed above. Your team signs the included white mat for a great present.

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Personalized Mini Volleyball


Volleyball Coach

This volleyball is perfect for your coach. Its 5 ½ inches. They do laser engraving for long lasting detail. You can customize this with your school name, team name, year, logo and coaches name. A great gift for your volleyball coach.

Personalized Newspaper


Any Coach

This gift is truly unique and universal for any couch. You completely customize this great newspaper. You pick the headline, the story and the pictures. Name your newspaper anything you would like. Create your own sales banner. You choose the colors you want your paper printed in. A great gift for any coach who has done more for you then just coach. Let them know just how you feel with this great gift.

Coach Survival Kit $10


Any Coach

A great gag gift for your coach. If you have a coach that has a great sense of humor, then this is the gift for you. The gift itself is only $4 and then add a gift card holder to it, to make it more special. Comes with things like bubble gum to keep the team sticking together, candy watch and much more. You can add a personalized note card with this great gift also to add that special touch.