10 Cheap PC Games to Buy on Steam

Video games can cost an arm and a leg in the year 2010 and the prices will not be decreasing anytime soon. However, for any gamer that is willing to be patient they can simply wait until a game is no longer new and look for older titles to be slashed in price. The best place to find video games on sale for PC owners is Steam. Steam’s regular prices are already top notch (and by top I actually mean really low) but when they put something on sale it is dirt cheap. These are 10 cheap PC games that can be found on Steam. All of these prices are their normal prices but will sometimes be even cheaper due to a sale.

Age of Wonders Trilogy Pack
Steam Price: $19.99
Each one of the three Age of Wonders games can already be bought for a very cheap price. The first Age of Wonders is $5.99 and the second and third installments are $9.99 each. This deal allows you to buy all three at once with a discounted price on the collective discounted prices. The three games individually on Steam would cost $25.97 but you can buy the trilogy for $19.99.

Fallout Collection
Steam Price: $19.99
Similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, Fallout’s popularity exploded with the third installment and the latest game, New Vegas, was one of the most anticipated games of the year. Fallout’s smaller beginnings started on the PC and this collection will allow you to relive Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.

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Far Cry
Steam Price: $9.99
Far Cry is a popular first person shooter from the early part of this decade. Far Cry has resulted in a couple of sequels but the first game still holds up well enough to shell out the 10 bucks for it.

Freedom Force
Steam Price: $4.99
Any PC gamer that needs their superhero fix can get Freedom Force for a very cheap price. Freedom Force is a tactical role-playing game that allows the user to control a group of superheroes. Freedom Force is a light, funny adventure with many characters that are similar to real comic book characters.

Left for Dead 2
Steam Price: $19.99
Left for Dead 2 is one of the most popular video games of the past decade. No video game collection is complete without one of the Left for Dead games and the multiplayer games give Left for Dead a replay value that is well worth $20.

Mass Effect 2
Steam Price: $19.99
Mass Effect 2 is a game that just came out in 2010 and received unbelievable critical acclaim. Mass Effect 2 received a 95 ranking on GameRankings. There is no reason that Mass Effect couldn’t still be selling for full price but instead it can be had for just $19.99 on Steam.

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey and Abe’s Exodus
Steam Price: $4.99 each
Oddword is a series of games starring Abe, a meat-packing plant worker on the planet Oddworld. Abe discovers his planet’s natural resources are being sucked by industrial corporations and is trying to save the day. The Oddworld series is one of the few that has not been packaged together by Steam yet but both Abe’s Odyssey and Abe’s Exodus can be bought on Steam for just $4.99 each.

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The Orange Box
Steam Price: $29.99
The Orange Box is the most expensive item on this list but it is also the one package that will probably consume the most amount of time. The Orange Box contains three video games that are all completely different but equally fun. The Orange Box includes Half-Life 2, one of the best first person shooter games, Team Fortress 2, a great online multiplayer shooter and Portal, probably the best puzzle game since Tetris.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Steam Price: $9.99
Star Wars games have a lot of potential but often the developers fail to do the movies justice. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the few Star Wars video games that Star Wars geeks will love. KOTOR is also one of Steam’s favorite video games to run sales on so it can often be had for less than the usual $9.99 price. Over the Thanksgiving holiday Steam slashed the price all the way to $2.50.

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