10 Confusing Traffic Signs from Around the World

There are some traffic signs that I just don’t want to encounter. I’m a fairly good driver and definitely a defensive driver. Don’t ask me to parallel park, though. Quite a few signs are odd, but I’d be able to figure out what they probably meant. However, there are many signs which I would not want to discover simply because I’d never figure out what they mean!

10. The Lone Camera

Am I supposed to stop and take pictures when I see this sign? The example of the sign shows llamas on a hill across from it, so maybe I’m supposed to take a picture of whatever is off to the side of the road? Or does it simply mean watch for people taking pictures? I’m not sure because there is nothing to tell me what this lone camera means.

9. The Running Man

It’s a picture of a man with tons of muscles that’s running. There’s not even a picture of a street or a crosswalk. I don’t know what this means. Am I supposed to watch for men like this or am I supposed to get out of my car and exercise so I start to look like that?

8. The New Sign

The sign simply announces “New” in a red background with symbolic rays from the circle. It’s ona bright yellow diamond. Don’t they know that the sign will get old? It’s not like there’s anything near the sign that is new.

7. The Pile of Doughnut Holes

It looks like this sign is telling me that I cannot sit at a table with a pile of doughnut holes stacked onto it. The table has an umbrella over it. Does it make a difference if I sit at a table without an umbrella? Am I allowed to enjoy my doughnut holes then?

6. No Blue and No Trumpets

The two signs seem to be clear about that, but not much else. One is blue with a red x and the other has a trumpet and a red slash. So, the color blue is not allowed. Does it have to match the hue of blue on the sign to not be allowed? If so, the sky is safe. If not, the sky shouldn’t be safe. I’m safe about not having trumpets because I don’t play the trumpet or own any trumpets, so I doubt I’d have one. Yet, I cannot figure out why these two things are important.

5. Stripper on a Light Pole

Am I supposed to watch for strippers dancing at light poles and street lights? Am I supposed to give them money or rides? Am I supposed to avoid them? What does this mean at all? Should I be disappointed if I don’t see a stripper?

4. Flashers for the Next 3km

It looks as if the sign is telling me that flashers will be along the roadside for the next three miles. Is this legal? Am I supposed to call somebody? Am I supposed to enjoy the shows? I’m conflicted about this.

3. Beware of Cows Falling from Mountains

It looks like a avalanche or rock fall warning, but it’s not. It’s a cow. In fact, it’s a cow that’s falling from a mountain and that’s going to land on top of the car. Thanks for making me paranoid about falling cows, now.

2. Beware of Car-Eating Cows

This sign seems to tell me that I need to beware of gigantic car eating cows! Just how can I avoid these animals? If I’m already close enough to have to beware of them, I think I’m probably doomed. Is this what they really mean?

1. Beware of Giant Dragon-Like Monsters that Reach Over Mountains and Eat Cars

Really, that’s exactly what the sign seems to be telling me! Has this ever really happened? If it has, I’m quite scared! Just how do I avoid such a terrible fate if I’m driving and I see one of those signs? The monster probably already knows I’m there. I guess I just better pray that he already ate a big meal and doesn’t want to eat my car!


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