10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars

From baby food containers to Mason jars, it seems as if everyone has an assortment of glass jars around the house. Rather than throw these used containers in the trash, get creative and upcycle them into something new and crafty. Here are ten crafty ways to upcycle that never-ending supply of jars:

1. Create a painted candleholder

Decorate a Mason jar with glass paint (available in craft stores). When dry, place a votive candle inside, for a colorful, custom candleholder.

2. Create an easy, crafty birthday or holiday gift

Thoroughly wash out a used glass jar with a lid. Fill with wrapped or homemade candies, cookies, or baking mixes (like hot chocolate or muffin mix). Top the jar lid with a fabric scrap, and use a rubber band and ribbon to hold.

3. Create hanging craft supply jars

As a crafter, your studio is full of odds, ends, and artsy knick-knacks that need a home. Rather than take up valuable shelf or table space, nail or screw a jar lid to the underside of a shelf or cabinet. Fill your glass jar with supplies, then screw into the lid for a secure hold.

4. Create a Mason jar lamp

If you’re going to upcycle, why not make a lamp? Pre-made kits for converting a standard Mason jar into a lamp are available in craft stores. Or, if you’d rather customize and make your own hardware, check out instructions on the blog Red Mommy Crafts.

5. Make a paintbrush cleaning jar

If you’re a painter, try this crafty use for glass jars in your studio. Place a small bar of soap at the bottom of the jar, then fill halfway with water. After painting, this no-mess, homemade brush cleaner will help you avoid painted fingers and nails.

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6. Create a homemade lava lamp

Upcycle that jar into a craft project your kids will love. Check out the steps to making your own custom lava lamp on HowtoDoThings.

7. Use for sand art (colored layers)

Sand art is a fun craft especially popular with kids. You can use colored sand (available in craft stores) or make your own by mixing salt with grated colored chalk. Kids pour the sand into the jars, layering the colors for a beautiful effect.

8. Create a decorative storage jar

Glass jars are most easily re-used as storage containers around the house. Decorate your jars with decoupage, buttons, ribbons, pom-poms or other items for a fun and fancy way to store loose change, pens or pencils.

9. Create a rustic flower vase

Upcycle your plain jar by turning it into a rustic, primitive-looking vase. Collect fallen sticks and twigs of roughly the same size. Use a hot glue gun to attach the sticks all the way around the jar. When dry, add flowers for a unique home display. Check out pictures of this craft in Upcycle Tree Branches into Unique Holiday Crafts.

10. Make a potpourri jar light

This craft project is a great way to reuse your glass containers while making a festive holiday decoration. As well as looking cute, the finished project also smells great. Using potpourri and a small strand of Christmas lights, you can easily make this craft for very little money. Check out all the instructions at AllFreeCrafts.

Of course, if you choose not to upcycle your extra containers, be sure to recycle them instead at your local recycling center.

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