10 Creative, Unique Birth Announcements: Share News of a New Baby

You’ve carried your precious miracle for 9 months (or waited for years, if you’ve adopted), and now it’s time to share the good news! Baby birth announcements are an excellent way to let your family, friends, co-workers and more learn of your baby’s arrival, weight/height and full name. If you’re looking for some birth announcements with a creative twist, the following list might help you.

These ideas can be sent alone, or with a traditional baby birth announcement card.

For the urls to the various corresponding web-sites, please visit the resources section at the bottom of this article.

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #1:
Personalized M&M;’s

Want a “sweet” way to tell everyone? This may be your choice! If you visit the M&M;’s web-site, you will see that you can order custom-made M&M;’s in a variety of colors that will say anything (well, it needs to be short) that you want. For example, if you just had a girl, you can order the M&M;’s in pink and white, and have the baby’s name on some of the candies and the weight (or birth date, or even “It’s a girl!”) on the others. You can even have them packaged in cute little baggies, or just order large bags and fill some containers yourself. (TIP: Visit the Retail Me Not web-site or google “m&m;’s promo code” to see if you can find a coupon. You might find a free shipping promo code, or a coupon for 1 free large bag.) Your friends and family will enjoy the chocolate. Of course, if its in the middle of summer, don’t mail them, as the chocolate will melt into one big mess!

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Baby Birth Announcement Idea #2: Seed Packets

If you want to give an announcement that will grow with you little one, this is a great pick! There are several online businesses (such as Annie Appleseed, Cape Images and Acc Designs) where you can order seed packets that also display your baby’s name, weight, etc. You can also buy baby announcement cards from Botanical Paperworks which contain seeds, and will sprout when the whole card is planted. Seeds are definitely a unique choice.

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #3: Personalized Cookies

A personalized cookie is a great edible birth announcement (You might send a traditional card too since it won’t last long!) Most cities and larger towns have gourmet cookie businesses that would be happy to fulfill your order. (Try googling your area with “cookie bouquet.” You can also purchase them from online from businesses such as Cookie Bouquets, and Cookies in Bloom. (See sources at the end of the article for links.) They could simply say “It’s a boy” with the baby’s name. You can have the cookies baked on a stick. Cookie announcements are cute!

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #4: Wrapped Hershey Bars

Another announcement that will satisfy the recipient’s sweet tooth is wrapped Hersey bars. You can buy a variety of types of wrappers that might say “Heresheis” or “It’s a he”, with the “he” part outlined from “Hershey”. You can order the wraps from several web-sites including Baby Bar, Wrapped Hersheys, and Gail’s Creations. The wrappers can be very colorful and include photos and more. Wrapped candy bars are a wonderful way to announce your new addition.

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Baby Birth Announcement Idea #5: Popcorn

This is definitely not a common baby announcement – but it’s a fun way to share the good news. You can purchase popcorn filled boxes that announce the baby’s arrival with the phrase “He just popped in!” They can be ordered from sites such as Babies & Birthdays and Amazon. The popcorn is even pink for a girl and blue for a boy. It will make your baby very “pop”ular!

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #6: Christmas Ornaments

If you have a December or late November baby, this is an excellent way to announce your baby’s birth. This might be best only for family and very close friends – as your coworkers might not really want a Christmas ornament of your baby. There are a variety of web-sites where you can order Christmas ornaments that you can personalize with baby’s picture, name, birth date, etc. You can try Ornament Shop, Ornaments with Love, and Things Remembered. This is a great announcement you can send through the mail.

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #7: Jelly Belly Beans

Yet another fun & edible way to promote your baby’s arrival is through Jelly Beans. There are many online stores where you can purchase Jelly Bean Packets that say “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” Some sites to visit are Candy Warehouse, Escape Concepts, and A Candy Store. This is a very “bean”ingful way to tell the news.

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #8: Mock Baby Magazine or Newspaper

If you want a creative, but very thorough announcement, this may be the one for you. You can order a “baby newspaper” front page from Newspaper Announcements that will share pictures, the birth story and much more. You can also try magazine covers from sites such as Baby Cachet. This will provide your baby with a fun memento to save and cherish.

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Baby Birth Announcement Idea #9: Bubblegum Cigars

This is an amusing way to keep up with an old fashioned tradition. Instead of sending toxic cigars, you can send colorful bubblegum “cigars” that say “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl”. There are several web-sites that you can order these from. See the resources section for links.

Baby Birth Announcement Idea #10: Magnetic Baby Announcements

If you want your announcement to come in handy as a refrigerator magnet, this is a great choice. You can purchase magnets that detail the baby’s name, weight, birth day/time and more from several web-sites. Magnetic Baby Announcements are are a unique and fun method to spread the news. Look below for links.


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These are just a few different ways to let everyone know that your little one has arrived. Congratulations!