10 Dog Commands Important for Every Dog Breed

Teaching your dog basic dog commands could save his life and will certainly make your life together more fun for everyone. And dog commands are actually easy to teach, especially if you favor the carrot more than the stick approach. Dogs who get rewarded during training love learning dog commands. It’s like a game that proves how smart your dog is. The following 10 dog commands are especially important and can be taught to every dog breed. Just follow the dog training advice and make learning dog commands a fun game.

Important Dog Commands: #1. SIT

“Sit” may seem like a cliché dog command, but for a good reason. When a dog responds to” sit” you can keep him from getting into mischief or even into serious danger. Even if you have little time for dog training, this one of the most essential dog commands. Begin by showing your dog that you are holding his favorite treat. Then use the dog command “sit” and move your hand and eyes to the rear of your dog showing him that you want him to sit. If the dog responds by sitting, congratulate him with the treat and repeat the dog command. If not, help him gently along by pressing lightly on his rump. Always reward with a treat and repeat the dog command. Before long, your dog will know what’s expected when you use this first of the 10 most important dog commands.

Important Dog Commands: #2. STAY

Another potentially life-saving of the most important dog commands is “stay”. Imagine seeing your dog about to run into the street and being able to stop him in his tracks with the dog command “stay. Once more, dog treats are the incentive. When your dog is seated, give him the dog command “stay” then slowly back away while still watching your dog and holding your hand up to signify that you don’t want him to follow. Do this slowly, and pretty soon your dog will understand what the dog command “stay” is all about. Reward him with a snack and a hug each time he “stays” on command. And pretty soon your dog will be an expert into dog commands.

Important Dog Commands: #3. DOWN

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Of all the dog commands, the command “down” is a great way to keep an overly-happy dog from driving everyone crazy. By training your dog to get down with his elbows leaning on the ground, you give him something to do other than jump on you or others when he’s trying to play. To teach this dog command hold a treat in your hand, making sure your dog sees it, then slowly move your hand down speaking the dog command “down”. Reward your dog with the treat as he follows, and slowly coax him to the point where his elbows rest on the ground. It’s one of the easiest dog commands to get your dog to understand, as you can help him attain the correct position fully.

Important Dog Commands: #4. COME

When you want to take your dog out of the protective environment of the home, there are a few important dog commands to know, and “come” is the most important. Even if you walk your dog on a leash, a dog might tug so hard as to get free. The only way to get your dog to come to you when you want him to is via the dog command “come”. Start in a large room when your dog is far from you. Hold out a treat and speak the dog command “come”. Congratulate your dog and give him the treat. Then repeat until he connects the dog command with the reward and your approval.

Important Dog Commands: #5. NO BITE

Of all dog commands, the command “no bite” is especially helpful with puppies who are still in the biting stage. When playing with a puppy, if he starts to bite, stop playing and give the dog command “no bite” in a firm voice. Then give your puppy a toy instead and play with him. When he begins to bite you again repeat the dog command “no bite” and even make a puppy yelp as if you’re feeling pain. In extreme cases of puppy biting, you can even put your dog’s paw in your mouth and bite gently to teach your puppy in the manner that other puppies or dogs would teach him.

Important Dog Commands: #6. WALK

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Of all dog commands, training your dog to walk obediently is most important for his safety outdoors and your enjoyment of your dog’s company. A dog should never be allowed to pull on his leash, even if he is walking in the lead. To train a dog to respect your leadership, use the dog command “walk. Begin by taking your dog for a walk on a leash. Keep the leash very short so your dog can walk beside your leg. Use the dog command “walk” and begin walking. When your dog starts to pull on the leash and try to pass you, place your foot in front of him to block his way and stop. Repeat the dog command “walk” and try again. And reward your dog with a treat when he walks beside you without pulling or trying to pass.

Important Dog Commands: #7. FIND

Though this command many not be the most essential of all dog commands, it is certainly handy. Teaching your dog how to find specific objects can be helpful if you mislay his toy or leash. Begin by showing your dog the item that you wish to train him to find. Next close your dog in a room and walk away, to hide the object behind a pillow on a sofa. Then let your dog out and give him the dog command “find” as you help him out, walking him through the house to encourage him to find the object. When he does, even if it’s entirely with your help at first, give him a treat.

Important Dog Commands: #8. PIPI

Potty training dog commands are extremely important. Even a dog who is fully potty trained can benefit from knowing the potty training command. Many dogs are hesitant to go out in the rain, and the dog command for potty training can make it clear that you expect them to go out all the same. “Pipi” is not a universally used dog command, so feel free to substitute any word you like, so long as it is a single syllable. Each time your dog is outside doing his business, congratulate him and introduce the dog command. When taking your dog out, repeat the dog command as a rule, making your dog associate the command with the act of relieving himself outside.

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Important Dog Commands: #9. NO BARK

Perhaps the most difficult of all dog commands to teach is the command “no bark”. There are many reasons why dogs bark, and simply giving a command for them to stop is not always enough. However, teaching your dog the “no bark” command is useful, even if he will not follow it to the letter. When your dog barks, walk over to him, gain eye contact, and give him the “no bark” dog command. When he obeys give him a treat. Show him that you have more treats in store, but deny him any more treats if he barks. It’s a good idea to keep dog treats stashed in key places to help through the “no bark” dog training.

Important Dog Commands: #10. SLEEP

Dogs may become hyper and eager to play just when you’re ready to turn off the lights. Of all dog commands, “sleep” is the most important at the end of a long day. When it’s time to go to bed, use the dog command “sleep”, as you coax your dog’s head down. Pet him and stay with him, repeating the dog command so long as he remains quiet. If your dog is sleeping in the bed with you, place him close to you so he feels safe. If he is sleeping alone, give him a shirt that carries your scent. As your dog falls asleep use the dog command, “sleep” until he begins to associate it with the action desired.

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