10 Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Simple kitchen remodeling projects can add value to your house and make the kitchen more appealing in both aesthetics and function. A full kitchen makeover can cost anywhere from $10,000 to over $50,000 depending on size, but there are plenty of inexpensive small projects that can be done to give your kitchen a different look. This article will look at 10 ideas for a kitchen facelift, many of which are inexpensive fixes for the look of the overall kitchen.

1. Faucet

One of the easiest ways to date an old kitchen is by the faucet that is used. Modernizing faucets is a weekend project that requires very basic knowledge of plumbing and requires some hard work. Low flow or “green” faucets are becoming popular due to their low level of water waste and efficiency. Look for a faucet that not only matches the kitchen, but also matches your personal needs, which means you should redo the sink area if you need a larger space. Look for a faucet set up that comes with a slot for a soap dispenser; it adds convenience and is ridiculously easy to install.

2. Kitchen blinds

If your kitchen is like mine then it can get bright during the daytime, almost too bright to work in. Installing a new set of kitchen blinds not only adds convenience, comfort and a sense of security, but it also can bring allure to the area. A good set of kitchen blinds can bring out the best features of the room and can even help your house if you are in the market to sell.

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3. Paint your kitchen

Food splatters, grease stains and smoke damage all plague kitchen areas, and can be a negative when trying to sell your home. Repainting the kitchen area is a simple weekend DIY project that can add value to the area and mass appeal. Home improvement stores sell paint designed to withstand kitchen areas by offering a solution that is easy to clean.

4. Above stove microwave

When we redid our kitchen, we added an above-the-stove microwave to utilize space and bring a modern look to the area. These microwaves come equipped with an exhaust fan and working lights, which help when cooking.

5. Cabinets

Cabinets are not nearly as easy to replace as the previous selections, but they do help bring up the value of the kitchen. Old cabinets instantly date a kitchen and can bring down the overall appeal of the room, but new cabinets can do quite the opposite.

6. Add more lighting

Is the brightness of the kitchen low, or not bright enough for comfortable cooking? Adding built in lighting fixtures to the ceiling add flare and brightness to the room.

7. Appliances

Replacing appliances such as the stove, refrigerator and microwave can update the kitchen without doing much work. Although this may be an expensive initial investment, it may save you money in the end if you replace your high-energy appliances with Energy Star appliances.

8. Flooring

Kitchen floors take a lot of abuse and can get dingy and old fast. Replacing your kitchen floor can make a significant difference to the appearance of the room.

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9. D├ęcor and appliances

Replacing items that you use everyday such as a plastic coffee pot, with a stainless steel, coffee pot will change the overall appearance of your kitchen. Other appliances that are easy to replace are dinner plates, glasses, utensils, and toasters.

10. Pantry door

Keeping small spaces such as the pantry door in good shape will help the overall appearance of the kitchen. Try replacing old windows and doors to help keep up the overall appearance of the room.


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