10 Easy Knitting Projects for Kids

Parents are always looking for healthy activities for children. Here’s a craft activity that is coming back into vogue; knitting. Our 11 year-old daughter learned to knit at school last year. Her elementary school principal organized a knitting club and invited local area retirees to come in and instruct the art of knitting. The knitting club was very popular, with students and adults. The knitting club was featured on the front page of our local newspaper and the photographer happened to catch our daughter and her knitting mentor, hard at work. We were pleased and surprised at the number of people who commented on the article and how much they enjoyed seeing the students knitting.

The knitting club has been a very positive experience for our daughter. She has spent this past summer knitting up a storm. She’s learned several basic stitches, but has concentrated mainly on square or rectangular pieces. When children begin knitting, they aren’t quite ready for a big project; they prefer to make smaller projects. The other day, she came to me, inquiring about how might use all the knitted pieces she’s made. We came up with a list of simple knitting projects that can be made by children.

Coasters or ‘mug rugs’: Knit a set of four matching squares measuring four inches all around. Protect surfaces from heat and spills. Tie with a piece of ribbon or rick-rack. Coasters make an excellent gift or craft sale item.

Pot holder, doily or mini table runner: I’ve used the various sized knitted squares to set hot pans on the table. These knitted projects also make excellent bases for potted plants, knick-knacks, candles, lamps and other decor that may scratch a table.

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Change purse or cell phone holder: You can create a purse from any size knitted rectangle. Simple fold the bottom up half-way and sew up the sides. Fold the top down to form the purse flap. Sew a button on the outer front and tie a loop of yarn on the flap to close. Make the purse as large or small as you wish.

Candle holder: Measure the circumference of your candle holder. Knit a piece at any height you wish. Sew the ends together to create a knitted ‘skirt’ or cover for your candle holder. This project works particularly well for little votive candles in plain glass holders. The knitted base gives a textured look.

Napkin rings: Knit strips about ten stitches wide. Sew the ends together. Make a set of four- six. These make excellent craft sale items.

Curtain hooks or rings: Use the same procedure as you did for the napkin rings. Make the curtain rings as wide or narrow as you with. This project gives curtains a textured look.

Pillow slip cover: Knit a rectangle that is slightly wider than the pillow and slightly longer than twice the width. Sew the edges as you did for the purse, but sew them even, leaving no flap. Slide pillow into cover. This makes it easy to wash the pillow cover.

Belt or necktie: Knit a long narrow strip to create an edgy, stylish belt, scarf, tie or headband.

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