10 Easy Summer Diet Tips

Summer is coming, which means of course its bathing suit season. And just in general time to wear clothing that shows off a little bit more of your body. So its time to get a little bit of dieting and exercise in if you want to finish shedding off those summer pounds. Here are 10 tips that should help you out a little bit, I know they help me.

1. Charge up your Ipod: You want to make sure you keep getting exercise. And the summer is the perfect time to do it because you can go outside and have a change of scenery. It is a lot more refreshing than the old gym or the household gym. So make sure you have your Ipod charged and head out. Go for a jog, or just a nice long walk.

2. Carry a snack Pack: Compile little Ziplocs of Low Cal treats so you don’t go for the candy machine. Think about keeping all of your packages to 100cals or less. If you think and plan ahead your sure to not to have grab the Doritos or the candy bar when a hunger snack strikes. Some of my favorite treats are some Wheat Thins, or a think of carrots. If I am feeling slightly more inventive I go for some good old Ants on a log.

3. Make a List: Around here we call it a pro and con list. There are pros and cons to eating healthy; of course the biggest Pro is you’re over all health. You’re going to loose weight, feel great and really be over a lot healthier. Sure a con might be you may miss some foods you used to always love. But is the double bacon cheeseburger really that much more important?

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4. Plan Recipes ahead: So you’re not in a hurry all the time. And we know summer is a busy time in general, plan meals ahead. Find some healthy recipes that you know you will love and keep them handy. If you can cook ahead go ahead and do so and just freeze what you make. It’s a lot easier to thaw out and cook something than to have to start from scratch and it’s healthier too.

5. Water is your Friend: Water is anyone’s friend. I know it doesn’t always seem appetizing; I am not a fan of water myself. But drink it, drink lots of it. It will keep your skin clear, and its ZERO calories, and ZERO fat. It also aids in weight loss, I don’t know how many other pros it needs.

6. Write down your meals: Keeping track of what you have eaten through out the day is a sure way to make you take stock. Write down every single bite that passes your lips and your sure to want to watch what you eat. This may seem a little strict but it really is a good way to keep your mind on the goal of weight loss.

7. Do it with a friend: It is always easier to do these things when you have a friend. You can push each other and make sure one another do what you’re supposed to do. Your more likely to stop and think about something if you know that you going to have to answer to someone about it. And think of it this way you can also help your friend by pushing them and getting on their case of they don’t follow through.

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8. Eat Fruit: Eat lots and lots of fruit. It’s good for you and its sweet, and its low cal and low fat. You can’t go wrong with fruits you’re supposed to get a fair share of them anyways. And I don’t mean a fruity bar either. Grab an apple or a peach wash I up really well and eat it raw. You get more nutrients from raw fruits than you do if they are cooked.

9. Graze: Eating several small meals a day is healthier than eating 3 big meals a day. Try to cut your meals into 5-6 meals per day. It helps you watch your calorie intake and it’s also easier on the way your body processes the food you eat. Doctors agree this is the healthiest way to go.

10. Treat yourself: It is all well and good to be healthy, and to keep to your diet. But if you don’t allow yourself a treat once in a while it’s less likely you’re going to stick with it. So allow yourself the sugar sweet snack or maybe a few French fries. Just make sure you do it in moderation, they say after all that moderation is key.