10 Easy Tips for Removing a Toilet

Whether you are removing a toilet to replace it or you are moving it to replace the wax seal it can be a frustrating job. Moving the toilet can be done by almost anyone from DIY enthusiasts to someone with little knowledge of plumbing. Removing a toilet can take a few hours and the better you are prepared for the project the easier it will be. This article will provide 10 tips for removing a toilet for whatever the project may be.

1. Clean the surrounding area

When removing an old toilet it is best to clean the surrounding area first to remove any built up residue or filth that may bother you during the project.

2. Clear out the surrounding area

Toilets are heavy and very hard to move on your own without any clutter in your way. I suggest picking a spot to move the toilet to and clearing out the entire pathway to the set spot before starting the project.

3. Lay out a tarp to place the dissembled toilet on after removing it

When removing a toilet you will need a place to put it, I suggest laying out a tarp in another adjacent room to help reduce any mess and clutter.

4. Turn off the water shut off valve and remove all water in both the holding tank and bowl

Before removing the toilet all water should be removed by turning the shut off valve and removing all the water in the holding tank and bowl. When the toilet is flushed with shut off valve turned most of the water should be eliminated.

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5. Use a wet vac

Use a wet vac to remove any left over water in the holding tank if you do not want to make a big mess to clean up later.

6. Disconnect the supply line

The supply line is what keeps water flowing into the toilet and needs to be disconnected before attempting to remove the toilet. Remember to turn off the shut off valve before doing this step!

7. Remove the tank lid

The tank lid is the piece located above the holding tank and should be removed before attempting to move the toilet. The tank lid is heavy and is easy to take off; therefore removing it will make the job much easier.

8. Buy a new wax seal

Wax seals help keep the toilet from leaking when flushed and help keep the toilet in place. Wax seals also get very dirty and will have to be removed and replaced. I suggest doing this immediately after all the toilet pieces is removed.

9. Use a cart!

Once all the bolts and fasteners are removed the toilet must be moved out of the bathroom, which is very hard process due to the weight of the unit. Use a handcart to move the pieces if you have one; this will make the job much easier and will save your back.

10. Use more than one person when moving the toilet

Toilets are heavy and can cause personal injury to the lifter, and could even break if dropped, which would add stress to the project. When moving a toilet I suggest having a friend or someone else in the house helping, you move the 1-2 pieces.

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