10 Edible Massage Oils

Massage oils are fairly easy to create with oils that are edible. Choose a base or carrier oil, such as olive or sunflower, then add a favorite food-grade essential oil like mint. It’s best to combine these oils immediately before use. Raid the refrigerator and the cupboards for one ounce of base oil and add to it, three or four drops of essential oil. Experiment with an interesting combination that sounds delicious or follow a few of the suggestions below. Check the label to be sure that each item is edible.

10 edible massage oils

A hit of hemp: Turn on the lava lamp, light candles and a few sticks of patchouli incense, then mix a batch of organic hemp seed oil with fennel and hyssop essential oils. Set the mood with songs from Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin on low volume.

Salad un-dressing: This massage oil is for the first course, the last course and every course in-between. Join organic avocado oil and organic olive oil with oregano and basil essential oils. Remember the eggs and pickles, to snack on, of course.

Put the lime in the coconut: Take a trip to the tropical island of massage with organic coconut oil and lime essential oil. Jimmy Buffett music and a “license to chill” t-shirt add the finishing touches.

Nuts about massage: Blend organic macadamia oil and peppermint essential oil together for a nutty infusion.

Sweet grenadine: Stir pomegranate seed oil with orange, mace and lime essential oils for a colorful and beautifully fragrant concoction.

Flower power: Add evening primrose oil to geranium, mandarin and blue chamomile essential oils for a bouquet of sensual delight. Cover the area with rose petals and light scented candles to further enhance the mood.

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Vitamin boost: For the sporty types, incorporate the carrier oil vitamin E with the essential oils of grapefruit and citrus for a vitamin packed massage. Keep the beat with sounds of the ocean, imagine hiking along the beach.

Prune fingers: Fill a mini-tub with plum kernel carrier oil and blend with sweet marjoram and fennel essential oils. Play meditation music or listen to the jacuzzi bubbles pop. Add a cool compress for the eyes and soak up the atmosphere for a while.

Pumpkin pie: This author’s personal favorite. Combine pumpkin seed oil with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and sweet orange essential oils. This is a warming blend and best served on a cold autumn day.

Sunny massage: Outdoors, hidden away on the porch, amidst the singing birds, whip up a bottle of sunshine. Unite organic sunflower oil with chamomile essential oil and relax the day away.

Resources: There are plenty of web-sites that sell carrier and essential oils, but here are a two with organic and food grade products: