10 Essential Beach Party Supplies

Beach parties are a staple of the summer and should be enjoyed by everyone. Throwing a beach party can be intimidating to anyone not knowing what to bring. The following guide is a list of the top 10 beach party essentials.

1. Paper Plates and Plastic Forks and Knives

This one may be obvious but for any beach party you will never want to clean up after it; these simple disposable products will make the after party much more enjoyable.

2. Lobster Pot

Lobster is a prime beach food for any beach party. I live in New England and every beach party I have been to has included Lobster, the right size lobster pot should be taken into consideration for the size of the party. Lobster pots may can be purchased on www.target.com

3. Volleyball

A volleyball game setup is a prime beach essential; this is a fun way to get party goers to have some fun. This is a perfect game for some fun in the sand. www.volleyballusa.com is a great site to purchase a set.

4. Shovel

A shovel is needed for a few things, sand castles and fire pit. If you’re local beach allows you to build a bon fire you will need a shovel to dig a pit.

5. Suntan Lotion

This one may seem obvious as well but a lot of people forget this simple product. Don’t get sunburned this summer! www.walmart.com has plenty of suntan lotion to choose from.

6. Beer and Wine

Beer goes well with lobster and many other seafood that are easy to cook on the beach, such as lobster and muscles. Wine is a classy drink for any beach party. Try a local micro brewery for the best beer or a local winery.

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7. Frisbee

Frisbee is a great pastime at any beach party. Your guests will appreciate bringing a Frisbee to your party as it is a simple fun way to get everyone moving.

8. Boom Box-iPod Speakers

Music is an essential for all beach parties without it the party may not be as lively. I would recommend buying the Bose iPod speakers; any of them are very good for displaying brilliant sound quality. The speakers can be bought www.bose.com.

9. Cooler

Nothing is worse than warm drinks on a warm summer day on the beach. Your party should have multiple coolers to keep all your drinks cool. Nothing is worse than warm beer at a beach party; make sure you include plenty of ice to keep all your food and drinks cool. Coolers can be bought inexpensively off www.walmart.com.

10. Towels

Towels can be used for sun bathing and drying off after a nice swim in the beach. www.target.com has a great variety of towels for only $15; it is always nice to bring extras for any guests who forget theirs.