10 Essentials for College Students

When it comes that time in life when you must begin purchasing school supplies for college students, you will quickly realize how different this shopping experience is from back to school shopping in the past. In most cases parents sending children away to college must also purchase school supplies to furnish a dorm room and make life away from home easier for college freshman. Whether heading off to freshman year of college or entering graduate school, several essential college school supplies will help students make the most of college, survive exams, schedule time appropriately and get to class on time.

Cell phone- To ease the transition into dorm life and being away from home, purchase your college age child a cell phone to use to keep in touch with home, family and friends. Getting used to new surroundings and being away from home can become an emotional time. If too much stress results from homesickness, students may fail classes or struggle in classes. Using a cell phone to keep in touch with family and friends, or meet up with friends on campus will help with this common obstacle.

Computer– While computers are available on campus for students who do not own their own computer, purchasing a computer for your child offers more convenience than trying to get to a computer lab when it is raining or getting a seat with the lab is full. In addition, if you purchase your child a laptop, he can take the computer with him to class to more easily take notes and perform quick research during class.

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Transportation– Whether your child has his own car, bike or you purchase him a bus pass, he needs transportation to get to many classes out of comfortable walking distance. In addition, he can use the transportation to get to a job off campus, come home to visit or to just get off of campus and de-stress before returning to classes and assignments.

Backpack– Many college classes require students to purchase two or more textbooks which they must bring to class each day. Hauling numerous books and a laptop to classes across campus becomes quiet exhausting. Using a backpack to transport necessary classroom supplies reduces strain on the arms, shoulder and back and prevents you from dropping your books and paperwork all over the sidewalk in the way of other college students.

Paper– Your child will not always feel like dragging his computer to class to take notes, and you cannot always rely on a computer to work or hold charge throughout the day. To help your child take notes during class, without a computer, be sure to send him to college with a large supply of paper notebooks or loose leaf paper.

Pens/Pencils– Paper for notes will not do anything for your child without some sort of writing utensil to record notes, diagrams and equations. By college age, your child should be able to use a pen without problems. Ballpoint pens prevent you from smearing your notes as you write, which occurs often with gel pens and pencils. However, your child may insist up on continuing to use pencils they can easily erase errors with.

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Agenda– One very crucial school supply your college student will need to manage his time and keep track of work, class times, homework assignments and other on-campus events, is an agenda. An agenda helps to keep your child totally organized by allowing him to easily view which hours of the day he is busy or in class, before he schedules meetings with instructors or study groups.

Food– Fuel your child’s mind by ensuring he always has the food he needs to replenish vitamins from pulling all night study sessions. Many colleges have on-campus restaurants and cafeterias that students can purchase from using an ID or food card loaded with money to purchase breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Alarm Clock– Pulling all nighters to study and short naps throughout the day become a major part of most college students lives. Be sure to send your college student to school with an alarm clock to help ensure your child gets up and off to classes, meetings or work on time.