10 Exciting and Fun Jobs

There are a lot of people who don’t enjoy their careers and describe them as unfulfilling and boring. Depending on where you work and what you do can even give you a boost and excitement when getting out of bed in the morning or make you dread starting your day. Here are 10 jobs that people may find exciting and fun.

1. Event Coordinator-Birthday parties, weddings, or business events are pretty common for event coordinators to plan. Ordering cakes, food, entertainment, invitations, etc., are just a few tasks that are required of an event coordinator. This job would be fun because every day is different and everybody loves a great party.

2. Secret Shopper-A lot of women would jump at the chance to be a secret shopper. You are assigned to a specific place of business like a theater or a clothing store. You act like a regular shopper and make notes about the overall experience of being a patron. For example; was the staff nice to you, were the prices reasonable and were the products of good quality. One day you may have to go to a restaurant and the next day to a department store so you’ll never be bored and you get to experience food, entertainment, etc., at someone else’s expense.

3. Travel Associate-Whether working for an airline or a cruise ship there are so many different jobs that are available to you. You can be a flight attendant, or if you work for a cruise ship you can be an entertainer, fitness instructor, photographer, or a cosmetologist. Plus you get paid for it all and you get either free fares or discounts on personal travel.

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4. Tour Guide-When people go on vacation some want to explore their destination on their own but others would rather have a local show them the sites. Being a tour guide is a great job for someone who enjoys being with people and someone that is good at customer service.

5. Food Critic-Need I say more? I would love to travel to different restaurants and eat for free. Sampling all the new items and new bistros would be a fulfilling and exciting job.

6. Travel Analyst-People like Samantha Brown and Anthony Bourdain have the great job of traveling all over the world and giving their opinions about their trip. Plus they have their own television show on the Travel Channel which they earn a profit from as well.

7. Ski Instructor-For the person that loves to be on the slopes, a ski instructor is a perfect job. You can do this job in some of the most beautiful resorts like Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge, CO.

8. Camp Counselor-Fishing, camping, horseback riding, and singing over a camp fire are things that make the outdoors so great. Being a camp counselor would be an awesome opportunity for those that love nature.

9. Amusement Park-Disney Land, Six Flags, and Disney World are magical to kids and there are so many positions available. You could operate the rides, work the concession stands, or the best job would be dressing up like Cinderella or Buzz Light Year. Great job for the young at heart.

10. Party Entertainer-A children’s birthday party can be a bit of a challenge and because not everyone uses a party planner it’s sometimes good to hire live entertainment. Pirates, cowboys, or princess parties are really popular and a good alternative to a regular clown. Enjoying parties and making kids smile is not only fulfilling but also you’ll never get bored.

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Being in the right career is important because it will either bring enjoyment or frustration. So before making a career choice exploring all the options is really important and will benefit you in the long run.