10 Fabulous Fun Games for Game Night

With all the techy gadgets around it still doesn’t replace good old fashion game night with family and friends. This article will give you 10 great games you can play on any occasion.

Twister. Now this game has been around for awhile and is still a favorite of many. Nothing like getting twisted with all your friends! Of course the older we get the more difficult it will be to play this game. We might actually injure ourselves or get into a position we can’t get out of! None of the less, still a great game to have around for game night.

Pictionary is another fun game for a game night. You don’t have to be an artist to play either. In fact, the worse you can draw the better! This is really fun when you get several couples together. You find out just how well your friends cannot draw! It can get quite comical.

If you have a lot of time then Monopoly would be a great game for the whole family. Even the young ones can get in on the action. This game can actually be a great learning tool. It teaches counting money and buying property. It is an added bonus when the kids can learn something and have fun!

If you have never played Phase 10 then I highly recommend this game. It is a fun game the whole family can play. It is also great because several players can play at the same time.

What would game night be without Charades? One great thing about Charades is all you need to play are people. Charades is a fun game for couples and for the whole family.

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Some games now days are played using a dvd. Deal or No Deal is one of those games. You can experience the feeling of winning big money and taking chances, which is all Deal or No Deal is. Only draw back is you don’t actually win the cash.

Some good old fashioned games that have been around for ages and that are still fun to play are Checkers and Dominoes. They are simple games that anyone can play yet they are still challenging.

Card games. If you have a deck of cards then your game night is set. There are so many card games that are fun. I like Canasta and Spades. Do a google search for card games and I am sure you will find new games and how to play them.

Another great game to play is Scrabble. Now that game can get challenging! You may need to have a Webster’s dictionary handy though in case any word comes into question.

Now that you are loaded with game night ideas start planning your next family game night and have fun!