10 Famous Canadian Cusinie Dishes

10 Famous Canadian Cusinie Dishes

Canada is a great place to visit and live in my opinion but we also have some pretty good cuisine here. Although not all the dishes you will read about have originated from Canada most have had ingredients added to them to make them unique and partly Canadian. So if you love food and are curious about what dishes come from this country then feel free to read on and enjoy!

1. (Quebec Poutine)
A lot of people disagree that the poutine originated in rural Quebec in the 1950’s but according to Canadian history it is true. Never the less a real Quebec poutine consists of a layer of French fries then covered with cheese curds then topped with hot chicken gravy to melt it all together. It’s a great cheap snack that is served at any restaurant or chip wagon throughout Canada. If you’re ever visiting Quebec I would highly recommend trying one.

2. (Ginger Beef)
When Chinese immigrants came to Canada they brought a few recipes but while these recipes were being used to feed railroad workers they were kind of plain so the workers started adding there own touches too many of the Chinese recipes. This is a dish that’s famous in most Chinese restaurants in Calgary, Alberta that consists of deep fried strips of beef rolled in ginger and chili and cost about $10. It’s described as having a crunch to it with a tidal wide of flavor when you bite into it. It’s an amazing tasting dish according to people I know who have tried it.

3. (Pate Chinois)
This is a French Canadian Chinese dish better known as Sheppard’s Pie. Although it’s also known as Chinese Pie most of the ingredients couldn’t be found in China at the time and actually originated in Quebec. The dish is made by making a layer of ground beef in a pan, next layered with corn then topped with mashed potatoes and cooked. When complete it should look like a perfectly layered cake.

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It’s not an exotic Canadian dish but it is pretty popular from coast to coast and is definitely a good meal to fill ones appetite.

4. (Halifax Donair)
Everyone knows the Donair is not a Canadian creation but a shop called the “King of Donairs” in Halifax, Nova Scotia came up with their own sauce and method to cooking them and opened their first restaurant in 1973 which became very popular over the decades.

The Residents of Halifax swear it’s the best donair you can find anywhere in Canada. Basically a donair can be made a few ways but the basics are 4 different meats, stuffed with cheese (sometimes) or vegetables then heated and served. Most restaurants and pizza shops across Canada serve some form of the donair but for the best in Canada you will have to visit Nova Scotia.

5. (Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich)
Now a smoked meat sandwich isn’t anything new nor did Canada invent it but the residents of Montreal and visitors to Canada swear the Montreal smoked meat sandwich is the best in Canada.

The shop Schwartz’s in Montreal has been specializing and serving the famous smoked meat sandwiches for over 50 years now. Some visitors to the shop claimed it was similar to the soup Nazi’s kitchen in Seinfeld.

If you’re ever in Montreal stop in Schwartz’s and grab yourself a sandwich you won’t be sorry.

6. (Flipper Pie)
Alright from the name you probably guessed basically what’s in this dish. This is a famous traditional Newfoundland meal made from seal flippers, turnips and carrots blended in thick gravy topped with a crust. The average price for this unique dish is around $8.99 CAD.

I’m not a big sea food fan but friends of mine from Newfoundland swear it’s a really good dish to try.

7. (Canadian bacon Strata)
This is a popular Canadian breakfast dish in most provinces. It basically consists of Canadian bacon, eggs, cheese and few spices. It’s an excellent breakfast to start of the day and can be found in most restaurants across Canada.

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Another popular way this dish is made on the East coast is the Canadian bacon is left out and substituted with either crab or lobster. It can be easily made at home takes about an hour and a half from start to finish but I myself prefer to get them from restaurants that specialize in them.

8. (Wimpy’s Hamburger and Fries)
Alright like most people I love a really good hamburger from time to time but I hate those burgers you find in fast food restaurants that look like they have been kicked together. A few years back after moving to Peterborough, Ontario I was driving downtown and found this little diner called “Wimpy’s”. Although this diner is far from new I never personally seen one before around Canada but I guess there are a few of them here and in the States.

The diner was very tiny and modeled after an old fifties cafĂ© making me think the food probably wasn’t all that good but a friend of mine had highly recommended this place to me weeks before so I decided to try. The burger I ordered cost a little over $8.50 CAD and I thought to myself, this better be one good burger since you can get them at the local McDonalds for $1.39.

About 15-20 minutes later my burger was ready and I found myself totally surprised when I seen the shear size of this thing. No word of a lie the burger was like 4 patties long that sagged over the bun and was grilled to perfection and used the best Canadian beef. It took me about 30-40 minutes to finish this monster burger but when I did I was totally satisfied. So if you have never been to a Wimpy’s Diner then I would highly recommend visiting one of these locations because here in Canada they are famous for big quality burgers that can’t be beat.

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9. (Gotham Steak)
Ok if you haven’t noticed by now yes I am a huge meat eater and love anything with meat in it. Next on the list is the Canadian famous “Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar” which supposedly serves some of the best steak in Canada.

The restaurant from what I have told is modeled after some famous American steakhouse. This particular steakhouse is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and is considered by the residents as the best steakhouse around.

Visitors and residents say the food is very good and a little pricey but you know how the old saying goes “You Pay for Quality”.

10. (Best Wings and Ribs in Toronto)
Here we a have a plate of wings from “All Star Wings and Ribs” in Toronto, Ontario. The establishment opened in 2003 and the residents and visitors to the area swear on their lives these are the best wings and ribs in Canada.

The restaurant boosts on having the hottest wings around called “Armageddon” which before you eat they require you to sign a waiver. It’s also claimed they have the best ribs this side of Texas.

So if ever in the Toronto area people highly recommend visiting All Star Wings and Ribs. Why not with over 100 different flavors of wings there’s something for everyone. A must try if ever in Canada.

So this is it my list of favorite Canadian dishes not to be confused with foods that originated in Canada.