10 Favorite AMVs on YouTube

An Anime Music Video, or AMV, is a fan created music video made with clips from one or more anime movies or television shows. These videos can be amazing to watch as clips are times, spliced, and synchronized in order to match the song chosen. Though those who create the unofficial AMVs found on sites like YouTube are often teenagers the work that goes into putting together these videos is impressive. Often done at home on personal computers without the luxury of high quality, and high cost, editing software these videos are anything but unprofessional looking. The time, energy, and love put into each AMV by the dedicated fan who created it is clearly seen within.

I would like to share with you my top 10 favorite AMVs, all of which are found on YouTube.com.

1. Anime: Naruto; Song:Sum 41 – The Hell Song

Pairing a fast action song with the intense action clips from Naruto makes this AMV especially great to view. Even if you have never watched Naruto before you can immediately get a feel for the anime and it’s basic story line based on the song chosen and the quality clips pieced together. The AMV is synchronized beautifully, and the editing is flawless. This is definitely one to watch.

2. Anime : Peach Girl; Song: Him-Wicked Game

I admit, I am a bit biased on this AMV because Peach Girl is a favorite anime of mine. But that only makes me even more picky on choosing a great AMV for it. The song chosen is perfect for the plot line of the story making it obvious to everyone what the story will be about. The clips chosen work beautifully and are edited into a near seamless AMV, which is especially impressive because the clips are paired from 25 separate episodes. Even if you have never seen Peach Girl before by the end of this great AMV you will be wrapped up in the characters.

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3.Anime: Naruto; AMV Comedians 4.5 (Mitch Hedberg)

OK, so technically this is not a true AMV, but once I saw it I knew I had to add it into the list. The late comedian Mitch Hedberg is voiced over the clips from the anime Naruto with hilarious results. The synchronizing is so precise you will almost believe it was made just to fit Hedberg’s jokes in. This short AMV is one of a set featuring great comedians, but is by far my favorite out of the group. Be prepared to laugh at not only the jokes but also the great clips used to give this AMV the perfect touch.

4. Anime: Naruto; Song: Nickleback – Photograph

Another AMV from the anime Naruto, this one is blended together over the slow and meaningful song Photograph by Nickleback. This AMV is not only edited together to match the meaning of the song but it is also edited to add to the anime itself. Lyrics to the song move across the screen as the characters grow together. The incredible work done to create this AMV is something that will stick with you and draw you back time and again.

5. Anime: Full Metal Alchemist; Song:Scooter – One (Always Hardcore)

Those that prefer something a little heavier will love this AMV. Full Metal Alchemist is a legendary anime and a favorite amongst those who prefer more action that plot. Paired with this amazing song that fits the story so well this AMV makes you want to jump off the couch. The editing and synchronizing is flawless, so much so it is near impossible to tell that there has been any editing at all. Watch the characters mouths move perfectly with the lyrics of the song and how the action both builds up and slows down to the rhythm of the song, and freeze the video at 1:15 for a great editing treat written on a silver watch.

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6. Anime: DN Angel; Song: DHT – Listen to Your Heart

A techno dance version of the emotional love song choosen gives this AMV the something special that makes it worth watching. DN Angel is a very popular anime that got its start as a Japanese manga and carries with it many loyal fans. The emotional pull of this anime is very evident in how this AMV is edited together and by what clips were chosen. You can clearly see that the creator loves DN Angel, and that makes for a compelling AMV.

7. Game: Final Fantasy Advent Children, Song:Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt

This is another video that is not truely an AMV but was still too good to pass up. Created from footage of the wildly popular video game Final Fantasy and edited over the intense and powerful Rammstein this is one AMV you should definitely see. The synchronization is incredible, even more so when you consider it comes form a video game that had to be played in order to be created. The choice of scenes from the game is some of the best and flows perfectly with the song without taking anything away from the storyline behind the game. This is another great AMV for those who prefer more action than emotion.

8. Anime: Dragon Ball Z; Song: Mortal Kombat

When I first came across this I immediately started laughing. The techno, video game inspired song Mortal Kombat does little to inspire awe in any AMV. But once I stopped giggling and actually watched it I was amazed at how perfect the timing was. The action filled clips from the popular series are synchronized to the beat of the song with such precision you cannot help but be impressed. Everythign from the flying fists to the screaming faces stays on rhythm without looking too edited or tied together. This is one AMV that you will love to watch over and over again.

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9. Anime: Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny; Song: Crossfade- Starless

This AMV has something for everyone. Action, adventure, and big guns. But there is also an undercurrent of romance just under the surface. The song chosen is one that you would not immediately connect with the Gundam Seed but it quickly becomes apparent why it was chosen. The scenes are taken from two series, Gundam Seed and it’s follow up Seed Destiny. One of the best things about this AMV is that it plays almost like a movie trailer, drawing you in and making you interested in seeing more. The action scenes are spectacular and are spliced together seamlessly.

10. Anime: Fooly Cooly; Song: Slipknot – Vermillion

This last one is one of the darkest AMVs from one of the most insane animes I have ever seen. Dark and gruesome this is not one that you would want to share with your children, but the powerful scene editing and the perfect choice in music goes together to make this AMV something you have to watch. Though the plot is hard to follow the style and flow of this AMV more than make up for it.