10 Foods for Acne Scars

When it comes to acne, there can be many issues that are causing it. One thing is for sure acne can take a chunk out of the self-conscious area and make its victims feel less attractive.

However, when it comes to acne it could very well be the food that a person is eating, such as foods with a lot caffeine and high fat foods. When it comes to the health of your skin you have to eat a lot of foods with nutrients in it. So that toxins can be removed from your body. When you drink water, eat fruits and vegetables you are allowing your skin to be healed from within which prevents further scarring of the face from the over-powerful acne. So do not let acne get you down instead enjoy some healthier foods and watch your complexion get a new life and become shinier too.

With all the hype about how good water is, it should be no wonder that water becomes the first thing on the list. Water is an excellent source for washing away the many harmful toxins in one’s body. Not to mention the health and hydration factors water can hand out. The average person should be drinking half their weights worth in ounces daily to keep healthy.

Tomatoes are a great way to help knock acne out of the park. Not only can tomatoes help the reduction of scars but it has a lot of vitamin A in it also which is what helps with the overproduction of acne and begins to heal the damaged areas. Tomatoes have quite a few health helping factors however, when using for acne it is better to rub the cut tomato on your skin as well as eating some daily.

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Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice can lighten dark appearances on the skins such as harsh blemishes, freckles, sunspots and of course acne scars because it acts as a natural bleach. So, when it comes to helping to lighten acne scars dab a little on the damaged area.

Flaxseed Oil
Antioxidants are wonderful for many reasons and one of them is the protection of skin. Flaxseed oil not only has a lot of antioxidants in it but also Omega-3 which can help clear up acne on the skin. Flaxseed oil should be massaged into the skin rather than dabbed for the best effect.

Honey is great because it not only tastes good so you can eat it with a biscuit or even pour some in your tea but you can use it as a face mask also. Either way will help toward treating your acne and helping with the scars related to them.

Most people eat yogurt anyways for the health benefits. Yogurt is a great snack with a lot of vitamins in it which help with the body’s daily need. However, yogurt can help give skin its clear complexion while helping to reduce scars. You can eat it and rub it on the damaged areas for the best effect.

It is no wonder that the cucumber made it to the list of foods. Cucumbers have been used for face issues so much in the past. They can help with dark circles under the eye and are exceptionally dedicated to helping with acne and the associated problems of acne. Not to mention the fact that they will help to sooth the irritated area so that you won’t be scratching it so much.

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Olive Oil
When it comes to olive oil it helps because of the fatty acids found in the oil. Olive oil not only gives a person great skin but it can be massaged into the damaged area to help with scars all the while giving softer skin.

Whole Wheat
Fiber does a body good, so eating Whole Wheat foods will help to eliminate acne and remove grease from the body all together. You could eat whole wheat, bamboo shoots and soybean to help with the overproduction of sebum which causes acne problems.

Finally, we arrive to eggs. Using egg whites can help reduce the scars left behind by acne. Just leave the egg whites on the damaged area through-out the night so they will help not only cure scars by prevent them in the future.