10 Free Fun Summer Kids Activities

Kids love the summer most of all! And, as parents, we try to make the most of summer with fun summer kids activities. But with summer days being so long, and the energy level of kids rising faster than the thermostat, finding not only fun summer kids activities but ones that are free is a must. So here are 10 free fun summer kids activities to keep the whole family happy.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #1. RAINBOW MAKING

Making rainbows is an amazingly fun summer kids activity. All kids need is a few giant soap wands with a bucket of water and dish washing soap, then the rainbow making can start. Kids can compete to see who makes the best rainbow soap bubbles, or race each other trailing rainbows behind them. t’s a fun summer kids activity that will keep kids engaged for hours.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #2. HAMMOCK STORY TIME

Hang a hammock between two trees for a free fun summer kids activity that’s also educational. Place books in a waterproof chest, and kids can spend the hottest hours of the summer resting in a shady hammock and reading.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #3. STAR GAZING

Star gazing is not just a fun summer kids activity but an educational one as well. Print out a constellation chart online, then give each kid a copy and have a competition to see who can spot the constellations first. Summer nights are ideal for this fun kids activity, and star gazing makes a perfect game before going to sleep.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #4. NAME THAT FLOWER

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Hiking is a wonderful fun summer kids activity, and giving it an education twist can be even more fun. From the internet, print out a short list of the most popular wild flowers and trees in your area. If you can find a printout with pictures, that’s even better. Then kids can have fun trying to spot trees and flowers they can name.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #5. FLYING A KITE

Flying a kite is an incredibly fun summer kids activity. Begin by taking the kids to choose a kite in a toy store. Most kites are very cheap. Then choose a favorite place for flying your kite all summer long. It can be the beach or lake, where the wind tends to blow in the early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are changing. Or in a park on a hill, with few trees to trap the kite. This free fun summer kids activity is even more fun when kids have several kites for competing at who’s the fastest, highest, best kite flyer.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #6. TREASURE HUNT

There’s no better fun summer kids activity than treasure hunting. It’s free, it’s easy to arrange, and it’s super exciting. Simply spread hidden notes through the backyard, each with a clue as to where the next clue is hidden. And in the end, the treasure itself will be found. It can be a chocolate cake hidden in the kitchen, a kite, a trampoline, or some other fun summer kids activity or toy.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #7. SPORT COMPETITIONS

Playing outside is the simplest free fun summer kids activity in the world. From water gun fights, to freebees in the park, or trampoline jumps in the backyard, sport competitions offer wholesome fun summer kids activities for all ages.

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Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #8. PICNIC

A kid’s run picnic is a super fun summer kids activity. Let kids pack their own picnic basket, then choosing their own picnic spot in the backyard and feast. And add extra fun to this summer activity by hiding an unexpected treat in the picnic basket.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #9. SPRINKLER SPLASH

Get wet is a fun summer kids activity that never grows old. Buy cheap circular sprinklers to create fountains in your backyard, and kids will be able to play endless games, from “catch” to “who can pass without getting wet.

Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: #9. HIDDEN DELIGHTS

Looking for unexpected treats is a wonderful fun summer kids activity. Just hide summer treats in sealed containers all through the garden. Mark the containers with numbers from 1 to 10, so kids will be sure to find everyone of them. And be sure to use non-perishable treats for this fun summer kids activity.

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