10 Fun and Easy Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday cakes have evolved from the traditional sheet cake to works of art that reaches new heights. These cakes are always the center of attention and are a lot easier to make then they appear. Here is a guide to some popular cake ideas that will please birthday boys and girls, of all ages.

No bake ice cream cake: This cake idea requires 24 crushed Oreo cookies, a can of Pam, a gallon of slightly thawed ice cream, 1 jar of fudge, and a 9X13 cake pan. To make the cake, spray the pan with Pam and add the crushed to the bottom of the pan. Spread on 1/2 gallon of ice cream. Pour on a layer of fudge, then the remainder of the ice cream. Add more fudge, and top the cake with Cool Whip. Freeze before serving.

Tiger cake: Create a 9-inch round cake and two cupcakes. Arrange the cake and cupcakes on a large platter placing the cupcakes in the ears position, and frost the face and ears together with orange icing. Use chocolate piping to draw the facial stripes and black licorice to make whiskers. Use candies to make the eyes and nose.

Mario Brothers Cake: For this Mario Brothers cake idea make a couple of pans of square cupcakes. Arrange them on a platter to look like a Mario Brothers Lego figure. Ice portions of the ‘cake’ in different colors to match the characters clothing and features.

Spider cake: To make the spider cake idea make a round 1 layer cake and 8 mini cupcakes. Ice the cake and cupcakes with brown icing. Arrange them on a platter with 4 cupcakes on each side and connect the body and ‘feet’ of the spider with licorice legs. Add candy corns for teeth, and gumballs for eyes.

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Butterfly cake: Starting round baked cake layer, carefully cut a section out of the center of the cake, the size and shape of a Twinkie. Cut the remainder in half revealing two wing shapes. Put the small section in the center, and put the wings on either side with round sides facing in. Frost the cake and decorate the wings with candy.

Lady Bug cake: Make a cake in a metal bowl instead of a cake dish. Turn the cake round side up on a platter and frost it with red icing. Add brown M&Ms; to the body for the lady bugs spots. Green M&M;’s for eyes and licorice for antennae.

Snake cake: This cake is made with cupcakes. Make as many as you need for your guests in green cupcake liners. Arrange them curvy to create a snake. Ice the ‘cake’ as if it is a single piece. Create scales with M&M;’s and M&M; minis.

Doll cake: Use a metal cake bowl or a pretty Bundt cake pan to make the cake. Decorate it elaborately with icing and candies and insert a Barbie type doll in the center.

Rubics cube cake: Make a 3 layer square cake. When stacked with icing in between each layer, it should make a cube. Use different color icing on each side and top. Make grid lines with dark piping.

Pizza cake: Starting with a thin round or sheet cake, Ice the top with red icing, add shaved white chocolate for cheese, and cut circles out of fruit roll-ups for pepperoni.