10 Fun Dates with Your Husband…And Your Kids

Do you want to go out but can’t afford or find a babysitter for the kids? Take them with you! It won’t be as private and couplesome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and reconnect with your husband AND your children. There are plenty of things to do as a family that can break up your week.

1. Go to a kids’ movie. Children’s movies have more recently realized that they should aim their content at both kids and adults, as the adult is more likely to attend the theatre if they aren’t dreading it. Recent movies, such as Shrek, Over the Hedge, and Cars were specifically geared to both markets. And should you not find the movie interesting, hold hands with your husband rest your head against his shoulder and rest your eyes. Relax and enjoy.

2. Go to the beach. There are plenty of fun things to do as a family at the beach. Have a picnic, fly a kite, go swimming. Even you and your husband will enjoy playing a game of catch or frisbee. If you plan on going to the beach a lot, buy the yearly sticker to cut down on costs.

3. Go rollerblading or bike riding. It’s the best of two worlds: you’re getting exercise and you’re having fun. Take a spin around your neighborhood or go to a rink. And think, if you fall down, your husband is right there to catch you!

4. Pack a picnic lunch and head to the park. While the kids are happily playing, you and your husband can be bonding and communicating while watching them have fun. Just like the beach, you have plenty of activities available to do. Get out there and play like a kid!

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5. A trip to the zoo. Kids never tire of seeing the exotic animals, and I bet you still like the zoo, too! Visit the polar bears, the tigers, the giraffes. Hold hands with your husband and exchange stories about your first trips to the zoo. Bring a picnic lunch to the zoo so you don’t wind up paying for a high-priced, unhealthy meal.

6. Dust off the old board games and play them. Family game night is a great concept. Monopoly and The Game of LIFE are still games that are entertaining for both adults and children, and there are plenty of others of there that you, your husband, and your kids can enjoy. Taboo, similar in ways to Charades, gets people talking and yelling – it can become quite boisterous. Play cards and “gamble” with cookies.

7. Can’t afford to take the whole family out to a movie? Dress up your entertainment center by draping it with red curtains. Pop some popcorn, order some pizza, and snuggle up with your husband and your kids. Choose movies that both you and your kids will enjoy, such as The Chronicles of Narnia.

8. Watch home videos. Kids love seeing themselves on tv and you and your husband can relive magical moments…and make fun of your hairstyle.

9. Go swimming. Can’t afford the beach? Check out your local pool.

10. Read a book aloud to your family. I again suggest one that is geared toward children as well as adults. It’s a nice way to wind down with the family and spend time together. Take turns reading and just enjoy yourself.

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I hope that this helps in getting you to realize that there are plenty of things you can do to have a date with your husband and spend time as a family. For those on a budget, buy movie tickets to the cheap show, get a yearly pass for the beach or the zoo, and pack a lunch.