10 Fun Front Door Decorating Ideas

Do you feel a rush of joy when you drive up to your home? If not, it’s time to give your front door a decorating makeover. Plants on either side will create a lush symmetry. Painting ideas for your front door will give it a personality. A unique door knocker and bell, as well as a personalize door mat will turn your door decorations into a reflection of who you are. All these decorating ideas and more are waiting to give your front door a new look.

#1. Front Door Fragrant Arch

I used this front door decorating idea in my first, tiny home. I bought two identical pots and planted fragrant jasmine in each. I placed them on either side of my front door, then I slipped the ends of a garden arch into each. The arch was as high as the door, and I trained the jasmine to grow up the arch by tying it with green cable ties.

#2. Front Door Topiary

For a more symmetrical front door decorating idea, place a set of topiary trees on either side of your front door, placing them in ornate Romance-style urns. The height of the topiaries plants (without the urns) should match the width of your door. Any higher, and your front door decorations will dwarf your front door.

#3. Door Knocker Traditions

Door knockers were once considered guardians against evil spirits. Today door knockers will add beauty to your front door decorating while saying something unique about you. Choose a dog or cat door knocker if you’re a pet lover. Choose a flower as a symbol of natural beauty, or an elegant hand as a symbol of grace. Learn more about door knocker traditions.

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#4. Wind Chime

Add windy music to your front door by hanging a wind chime on an iron plant hanger that extends one foot away from the wall. Hang the wind chime beside your front door at eye level, so your visitors can tinkle the wind chime as they wait for you to open your decorated front door.

#5. Jazzy Door Color

Like putting on a bright scarf or hat, a spicy color will add a personality to your front door decorating. Choose blue for a cool effect, reds for passion, purple for majesty, yellow for sunshine. Whatever color you choose, be sure it fits well with the other door decorations you choose.

#6. Outstanding Door Panels

Make your front door decorating even more chic by painting the inside of your door panels in a different color. You can choose different hues in the same color group like periwinkle blue and sapphire blue, or two completely different colors that go well together like purple and yellow. If your front door has no panels, build panels for it then paint them (here’s how to build door panels).

#7. Door Mats with a Personality

Send your visitors a message even before they knock on the door. Decorate your front door with a map door mat that shows were on earth your house is located. Choose a theme that relates to pets, your love of wine or a certain sport or special place like the Eiffel Tower or Tuscany. You can even decorate your front door with an intricate wrought-iron mat that scrapes mud off shoes.

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#8. Door Bell

Why be boring when you can decorate your front door with an ornate doorbell that “rings” a special sound indoors. Choose modern doorbells with surrealist motifs, or classical fleur-de-lis doorbells. You can even choose doorbells with metal bell cords, which are really fun to pull on.

#9. Rocking Chair

Whether you like sitting on the porch or just want to sit outside to put your boots on, having a rocking chair beside your front door will enhance your decorations and add functionality to your entryway. Paint your rocking chair to match your front door and the two will really look like a set.

#10.Umbrella Stand

Why are umbrella stands always left indoors when they could do so much good outside? Buy a plastic tube at a container store and spray paint it (with outdoor paint) to match your front door and rocking chair. Then leave the umbrella stand by the front door as a convenient umbrella stand. If you have no porch cover, buy a container with a lid and keep it closed when not in use.

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