10 Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

Gift baskets are one of the greatest inventions of all time. They give you the chance to send a one of a kind gift to friends and relatives clear across the country and it will be a gift they will really appreciate. These gift baskets for Coffee Lovers are all different, each one with something special including books and even a bathrobe. The best thing about gift baskets is that after the coffee is gone, there will be something left to remember you by. Be sure to order far enough in advance so you do not have to choose items like overnight shipping. That could cost as much as the basket does.

Coffee Delight Gift Basket

This gift for coffee lovers comes with Hazelnut coffee and an additional assortment of different flavor samples. Everything in this basket says coffee including the candy which has espresso and latte flavors. The caramel filled coffee mug shaped chocolates look almost too good to eat. This one costs $53.00 from the Gift Basket Pros. They have discounts on large volume orders.

Coffee Break Gift Basket

This gift basket for the coffee lover has a bit of everything. First of all, there is a good sized ceramic coffee mug, two different flavors of coffee – Hazelnut and Cioccolato – chocolate cappuccino stirs, biscotti, peanuts, rocky road popcorn and even a crossword book. This one costs $36.95 from One Corner Market.

For My Coffee Lover Starbucks Gift Basket

Everything in this gift basket is Starbucks. You get 2 varieties of coffee, a box of Starbucks chocolate hazelnut biscotti, milk chocolate covered graham crackers and hot chocolate. This one costs $24.86 from Walmart

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Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

This coffee gift basket comes with Monica’s tea cookies, Gourmet biscotti, Palace Gourmet mini pretzels, Bellagio coffees, Bellagio cocoa, Cappuccino chocolate, Two ceramic mugs and a Coffee themed decorative plaque. This one costs $44.99 from Art Town Gifts.

Corporate Coffee Gift Basket

This gift basket is huge and just because it says corporate does not mean that you cannot send it to a private person. They will receive mocha java coffee, dark chocolate coffee toppers, a hand painted mug, latte candy, Italian Chocolate Espresso Cake, two types of popcorn, Cafe Mocha & Chocolate, Brent & Sams Gourmet Cookies, Dolcetti Chocolate Wafer Rolls and Bellagio Chocolate Truffle Hot Cocoa. It comes wrapped with a huge coffee colored ribbon and bow. This one costs $49.00 and comes from Gift Basket Pros.

Coffee Lovers Delight Gift Basket

This coffee lovers gift basket has three different flavors of coffee, Swiss chocolate cake, cappuccino almond toffee, biscotti, caramel corn, assorted truffles, and an extra special addition, the Coffee Table Inspiration Thoughts book. It costs $59.00 and comes from All About Gifts and Baskets.

Dutch Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket

This gift basket is the ultimate for the coffee lover. The coffees are imported from Holland and include Douwe Egberts Whole Bean Coffee, Excellent Arome, Aroma Rood Coffee, Espresso Coffee, Mocca Royal Coffee, Whole Bean Aroma Rood Coffee, Nescafe Espresso – individual serving and Verkade Cafe’ Noir 7 oz. – Cookie biscuits with a coffee flavored glaze. This one costs $71.96 and comes from Oma’s Pantry.

Coffee Lovers Gourmet Gift Basket & Terry Robe

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This gift basket goes way beyond the coffee. It contains Gourmet Coffee, Novelty Stationary Set, Gourmet Cookies, Cookie Sticks and Coffee Creamers. It also comes with a 13oz 100% Cotton Terry Velour Robe 48″ with belt that they will embroider with the persons initials. They will also customize the basket depending on the occasion. This one costs $88.00 and comes from For You For Home.

Coffee Lovers

This gift basket includes a large 12 oz. bag of Ghirardelli gourmet flavored coffee as well as two 2 oz. bags of gourmet flavored coffees, an 8 oz. bag of LaTemptesta biscotti sticks, two coffee toppers cookies, a 2 oz. box of Too Good Gourmet tiramisu cookies and a 4 oz. box of cappuccino creme filled wafer cookies. It also contains a perpetual desk calendar. This one costs $63.99 and comes from Gift Basket Nation.

Hugs For Coffee Lovers Gourmet Gift Basket

Even the basket here is coffee colored and it contains 2 assorted gourmet coffees, espresso bean chocolate bon bons, chocolate macadamia nut biscotti, cappuccino caramel corn, and chocolate covered espresso beans and “Hugs for Coffee Lovers,” which is a 250 page book filled with anecdotes for coffee lovers. This one costs $67.00 and comes from All About Gifts and Baskets.