10 Gifts Beyond Blocks for Kids Who Like to Build Things

A popular gift for kids who like to build things are Lego’s. But there are all sorts of toys and construction sets waiting to be discovered by kids beyond the classic building blocks. Some of these following 10 gifts are more involved than others, but each of the 10 building gifts has something interesting and fun to offer the kid who likes to build things.

Magnetic Mini Oligears Building Set

If your child is bored with blocks, they might appreciate these cool colored gear wheels which kids can stick together in artistic ways. The Mini Oligears building toy comes with 6 pieces for $18.95 online at Quincy Shop (here). This building set is suggested for kids ages 5 to 7, but older kids who like to build things would probably enjoy it as well. However, older kids might need more than one set to feel satisfied with this gift.

A less unique, but better bargained and similar gift for kids who like to build things is the Gears! Gears! Gears! building toy as seen (here).

Wooden Marble Maze

This neat gift allows kids to build a marble maze using a series of colorful wooden blocks and curvy tracks. Orvis currently has this gift on sale for $49. For added building fun, consider buying the extension set as well.This product is intended for children over four years old. (www.orvis.com)

Another similar product kids who like to build things might like is the Block N Roll building set seen (here). This would be a good gift for people who are looking for an interesting gift, but maybe don’t want to go too far beyond building blocks.

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Magnetic 200-Piece Construction Set

Because of their ease of use, magnetic construction sets are great for younger kids who like to build things. This magnetic construction set, which is available from eToys for $74.99, includes 200 pieces made up of marbles and bendable rods. This gift also comes with a wooden box for kids to store the pieces. (www.etoys.com)

Tinker Toy 250-Piece Ultra Construction Set

Kids who like to build things have depended on Tinker Toys to provide hours of fun since 1913. You can find this 250 piece classic building toy online for $49.99 at eToys (here).

K’Nex Value Combo Pack

If you are looking for a more modernized version of Tinker Toys for kids who like to build things, go with K’Nex. A nice gift for kids older than age 7 is the K’Nex Value Pack. This pack includes a 400 Value Tub set and a 50 Model Super Structures Building Set for $69.88 (www.knex.com).

Crazy Strawz

Kids can construct their own crazy straw for drinking one or more beverages with this interesting gift. You can find this gift online for $15 at Uncommon Goods (here).

The Award-Winning Magnetic Tile Building Set

This gift is composed of 32 colorful triangle and square shaped tiles with magnetic sides. Kids can easily connect together the tiles to create a variety of 3-D structures. This building set is $52.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer (here).

UberArc 1600-piece Construction Set

If you are shopping for the kid who dreams of being an engineer or architect, the UberArc 1600 piece construction set will amaze them. This construction toy comes with 12 blue prints kids can use to build awesome structures. This gift is priced at $158.95 from Discover This (www.discoverthis.com).

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Wacky Wigglers Building Set

Silly kids who like to build things will love this wacky construction toy made up of such pieces as gears, chomping teeth, lights, and springs. Wacky Wigglers are meant for kids over age 5. You can find this gift online for 42.95 at Growing Tree Toys (here).

Frame Sculpture Kit

The Frame Sculpture Kit allows kids to build interesting structures or create their own piece of art. The construction toy includes 20 fairly large connecting pieces. This gift can be purchased for $199.99 from Creative Brains Online (here). They have a similar, but less expensive, product for sale as well.