10 Great Clothes Dryer Tips

Your electric bill is one place you can usually save money by changing your day-to-day habits. One of the best places you can start is with your clothes dryer. Here are 10 great tips you can use in regard to your dryer usage to save your hard-earned money.

1- Vent Hose Trick
If you shorten your dryer vent hose, your clothes will dry 20%-25% faster. This means saving money over the course of a year.

2-Reusable Dryer Sheets
3″x5″ pieces of flannel (cut from old pajamas or flannel shirts)
10 Tbs. water
4 Tbs.fabric softener

  • Use an old margarine tub (large size) or plastic container. Place flannel strips in container.
  • Mix water and softener together. Pour over top of stacked flannel strips evenly.
  • Seal container and shake well.

Leave sealed for 2 or 3 days, then use one strip per load-squeeze out excess.(it should be just damp). Keep container sealed when not being used. Wash strips after each use.

3- Dryer Vent Trap
We all know the importance of cleaning lint from the dryer vent trap. But many of those tiny holes in the mesh can get partially to completely clogged without your noticing. Dryer sheets can cause a waxy buildup. You need to give that mesh trap a good washing with warm soapy water every month. The dryer will run more efficiently (and this means saving money!).

4- Drying Clothes Faster
If you’re in a hurry to dry a load of wet clothes, toss in a clean dry cotton towel. It will soak up some of the moisture, causing the clothes to dry faster. Larger loads might require 2 towels.

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5- Lint On Clothes
Always wash and dry dark clothes inside out to reduce any visible lint that might form on clothes.

6- Drying Heavy Items
Always wash and dry lighter weight clothes first. By drying those heavy items second, the dryer will already be hot, thus cutting your drying time.

7- Extra Spin Cycle
By putting your clothes (especially heavy items) through a 2nd spin cycle, your dryer time can be cut by 1/4 – 1/3.

8- Big Energy Savings
Simply by placing your clothes in a plastic clothes basket a few hours before putting them in a dryer can reduce the drying time by 25%. (Wicker baskets might leave stains on your clothes.) Better yet, use a clothesline or indoor drying rack and REALLY save money! If you don’t like clothes dried on a line due to stiffness, just place them in a dryer with a dryer sheet for 2-3 minutes to make them nice and soft after they are dry!

9- ENERGY STAR Ratings
ENERGY STAR does not rate clothes dryers because there is very little difference in drying quality between the various models.

10. Moisture Sensor
If you plan on buying a new dryer in the future, be sure to get one that has a moisture sensor. It will be able to sense when your clothes are dry and then turn the dryer off. This will greatly save wear and tear on your clothes caused by useless tumbling and needless drying time.