10 Great Confirmation Gifts for Boys

Confirmation is an important stepping stone in a young boys life. This step up in spirituality, or connectedness with the Holy Spirit, deserves acknowledgment, and that is why there are ‘confirmation gifts’. If you’re feeling stumped as to what to bestow upon your newly confirmed soldier of Christ, don’t feel alone. It’s difficult enough to know what to buy a little boy for his birthday, let alone in celebration of something with religious flare.

Here are a few of my favorites that always have seemed to go over well.

Rosary beads in favorite color

Rosary beads can be bought online, or in a Christian store. If you shop online they are relatively inexpensive. I bought a beautiful pink rosary for my daughter’s sixteenth birthday, and it only cost me 99 cents.

Watch with an engraving

Confirmation is a step that, in most religions, signifies a ‘coming of age’. Watches are a great gift in these circumstances, because they denote responsibility. As for the engraving, well, that’s just an added plus. Watches can also be fairly inexpensive -you can pick one up at Walmart for less that $10.

Wallet/with prayer cards

Wallets are also a symbol of maturity. You could fill it with a couple dollars if you like, but any little boy who is serious about his confirmation would love a few prayer cards.

On ties

Ties can be a great confirmation gift for boys, but a tie might be more appreciated if it has some of your giftee’s favorite cartoon characters. After all, our little men still love their cartoons.

Gift certificates for entertainment

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Kids love to be out and about…most anyway. And a gift certificate to a lucky little boy’s favorite restaurant, amusement park, or store can make a lasting impression.

A new bible

It is all about faith isn’t it? There is no better way to show your respects than giving a gift full of the word of God. The dollar tree sells bibles for the very low price of $1.

Bags to hold a bible and rosary beads

If you are craft oriented, you can make one of these yourself. But if you aren’t, just pick up any type of easy-to-carry container that can hold a bible and/or rosary beads.

Music is very uplifted

A music CD, with maybe some new alternative Christian bands, is a very good confirmation gift for boys. These also can easily be found online, or Walmart.

A cross necklace

Girls aren’t the only ones who wear necklaces. Boys wear them too. A cross necklace is a great confirmation gift for a boy because he can have it with him wherever he goes. And no matter where he goes, he will have a small reminder that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always with him.


A confirmation candle is a wonderful gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. You can even have them personalized with the child’s name, and the date of his confirmation. Just check out your local Christian store, or try the site goodycandles.com, which has some really wonderful confirmation gifts for boys that start from around $15.95.