10 Great Gift Ideas for Nurse’s Day

10. Pens – Pens are always appreciated by those who use them all the time. A pen on a rope is even better.

9. Id Holder/Lanyard – even they already have one, a backup is nice to have.

8. Nurse Pin – show them they are appreciated wit a token of the wonderful work they do. They can wear their adorable pins on scrubs or lab jackets.

7. Support Socks – Nurses are on their feet all day, show a little love to their feet

6. Gift Basket – not all gifts have to be nurse inspired, show your gratitude with a nice gift basket full of their favorite goodies. You can even get a larger gift basket and send it a nurses on a specific hospital floor or clinic.

5. Nurse Tote – Nurses carry so many work related supplies that a nice bag to carry it all would be perfect. Try monogramming it or having a favorite picture lasered on a canvas tote.

4. Stethoscope – These gift ideas range in price and can be purchased at most nursing uniform stores. Another nurse necessity that would be very much appreciated.

3 Scrubs – the comfortable work attire of the nurses. Not all nurses wear them, but most medical staff I know love how comfortable they are to wear. Before purchasing scrubs, check out your fave nurse’s scrub wear. Some nurses are required to wear a specific color. If not check out their scrub style and purchase something similar.

2. Shoes – as I mentioned before, comfortable feet are essential for a nurse to perform their duties well. Invest in a pair of Birkenstocks, clogs, NurseMates sneakers or whatever else they like.

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1. Gift certificate – if you are not comfortable making choice for your favorite nurse, try a gift certificate to a nursing uniform store. That way they can pick out exactly what they want.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Nurse’s day, the point is that you in deed show appreciation to these fine workers.