10 Great Websites to Visit when You’re Bored

I love interesting websites. Below is an awesome list of sites that I know will intrigue you!

1. Quiz Your Friends – Way cool site! Create a personality quiz on this site and send it via email to your friends to see how well they know you. You can create quizzes about anything.

2. Fishing For Deals – find local and on-line deals. This site is the Internet’s friendliest site for bargains, discounts, coupons and great shopping deals!

3. CureZone – A message forum discussing medical issues, natural remedies, alternative health and other significant health issues. Curezone has one of the largest library of forums and discussions that I have found on-line. Very graphic pictures in some post.

4. Craig’s List -A local community on-line that offers classifieds and forums – Here you can hunt for jobs, housing, goods & services, social activities, a girlfriend or boyfriend, advice, community information, and just about anything else — all for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment.

5. Zaba Search – Here you can search for anyone and find out not only their address but how old they are and their phone number. I found out a friend of mine had scaled off about 6 years from her real age through Zaba. J

6. Freecycle – The Freecycle Network™ is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer. This is an incredible service. Everything has to be free. I have found so many things I have needed off this site and FREE.

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7. BORED.COM – This is the site to visit if you ever find yourself terribly bored. I am never bored so I like to see it more as a place for entertainment when I don’t want to do anything productive.

8. Amazing Labels – create your own family labels. You choose each family member from a list of cartoon type people that most closely represent each person. You choose the hairstyle, color etc… address label or notepads,moving announcements, holiday cards, greeting cards, t-shirts and more.

9. Dee Jay’s candles – I burn candles everyday. I have tried every candle I have laid my eyes on but Dee Jay’s is by far the most aromatic, long lasting and deeply, deliciously yummy scented candles I have ever found. She has a ton of different aroma’s to choose from. My favorites include English Ivy, Pear Glaze, Simply Clean and Apple Pie.

10. FreeSite – This website has a large, categorized selection of sites that offer freebies.