10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee is an “eye-opening” way for an estimated 4 out of every 5 Americans to start their day. In fact, Americans enjoy drinking a “cup of Joe” most anytime, day or night. In fact, besides Americans, the three largest consumers of coffee include the French and the Germans. Combined, these people drink about 65% of the total coffee that’s consumed in the world. Here are 10 interesting facts about coffee:

1. How Much Caffeine Does Coffee Contain?
The amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee contains depends on the type of beans that are used, how they were roasted, and even how the beverage was brewed. On the average, a small, eight-ounce cup of coffee contains anywhere from 65 milligrams of caffeine if it’s “instant”, to 115 milligrams if it’s drip brewed.

2. Coffee Has Its Own Designated Holidays
In Costa Rica, it’s September 12; the Irish celebrate it on September 19, and October 1 is designated as “Coffee Day” in Japan.

3. Where Did the Term “Cup of Joe” Come From?
Another interesting fact about coffee is that it’s long been a favorite drink among American soldiers. Soldiers in the Civil War, for example, were issued rations of coffee which they brewed in water over camp fires. During World War II, American soldiers found Maxwell┬« Instant Coffee in their rations. Since these soldiers were known as “G.I. Joes”, and were known to consume large amounts of coffee, the phrase “cup of Joe” was adapted to describe a cup of coffee.

4. Coffee Ranks High in the World of Commodities
When you think of the most popular commodity that’s traded across the globe, what comes to mind? If petroleum was your first guess, you’re right on the money! But, what commodity holds the number two spot? You guessed it- coffee. Coffee may be just a drink to you, but it’s actually a $60 billion dollar a year industry.

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5. Who Invented Coffee?
This is probably the most interesting fact about coffee you’ll ever hear. The story goes, that many generations ago, in- what’s now – the African country of Ethiopia, a lowly goat herder noticed one day that some of his sheep were full of energy. They were giddy and, well, rather high-strung. Upon further inspection the man found out they were eating berries off a bush. The goat herder tasted the berries and he found that he had more energy as well! At first, the berries were eaten. It was later they were turned into a caffeinated beverage.

6. Is This Why Coffee Is So Pricey?
Coffee trees are not fast growers. In fact, it takes five years for a coffee tree to reach full maturity. Once it’s become mature, each tree will bear one to two pounds of coffee beans per growing season.

7. George Washington Invented Instant Coffee…
George Constant Washington, that is, an English chemist. Another interesting fact about coffee is that Washington, who was living in Guatemala in 1906, invented a product he called “Red-E-Coffee.” It was placed on the market in 1909.

8. Coffee Is Naturally a No-Calorie Beverage
Just like tea, if you prefer to drink your coffee “black”, or without sugar, milk or other additives, then it’s a no-calorie beverage. That’s why it’s a favorite drink among people who are dieting.

9. Coffee and Its Impact on Employment
An interesting fact about coffee is that this number two commodity provides jobs for about 25 million people in the world today.

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10. Use Coffee to Grow Your Plants
Dump some cold coffee into ailing houseplants from time to time and it will help them turn green and healthy. Or, mix some used coffee grounds into the soil to help revitalize your plants!