10 Intoxicating Dwarf Sized Shrubs

As new home owners of one year, my husband and I are incessantly working on the design for our garden with no such luck. Sure, we have some blueprints and basic garden feng shui ideas however our latest mind-boggler was due to shrubs. Although it is nice to have an option among a few choices, it is not always the best to have a buffet full of choices especially for those whom are just beginning. After seeking through multiple magazines, websites, gardening books and some friendly advice from our local gardening center, we have come up with nine small shrubs that will work for any garden.

1. Bluebeard (Caryopteris x clandonensis): Reaching around two to three feet in height, this small shrub blooms stunning blue flowers in the late summer. It is perfect for zones six to nine.

2. Dwarf False Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera): This evergreen conifer has soft and stringy reddish brown bark and drooping flat branches bearing small scale-like leaves. It is slow growing, reaching two to four feet in height in total and creates a mound form. It is perfect for zones four to eight.

3. Dwarf forthergilla (Fothergilla gardenia): This shrub reaches around three feet in total height. In the late spring, plush white flowers bloom that will brighten up any garden border.

4. Dwarf globe arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis): This Glossy emerald green foliage is one of the smaller dwarf shrubs that are available. Reaching around one to four feet in height this is a true dwarf form. It is perfect for zones three to seven.

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5. Dwarf Korean Lilac (Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’): This is a nose-pleasing dwarf shrub that produces masses of lavender flowers in the spring. It will surround the garden with the wonderful aroma of lavender that can not be beat. It reaches around four feet and is perfect for zones four to seven.

6. Dwarf red-tipped dogwood (Cornus pumila): This dwarf shrub has delightful red-blushed color foliage that flows throughout the entire summer. Reaching around four feet, this shrub is terrific for added to a feng shui garden for the “fire element”. It is perfect for zones four to eight.

7. Japanese Spirea (Spirea japonica): This shrub reaches around one to three feet in height and has alluring pink, rose or white flowers. The foliage can come in either a blue-green or orange-tipped gold options, depending on the cultivar.

8. Dwarf English Boxwood (Suffruticosa): These commonly seen in British garden dwarf shrubs have stunning light green leaves that are easy to form into a border in any garden. Reaching around three feet in total height, this shrub will be perfect for zones six to eight however has been known to survive in other zones as well.

9. Potentilla (Potentilla fruticosa): This dwarf shrub constantly blooms elegant yellow flowers throughout the entire summer months. Reaching around two to three feet in height, this shrub is terrific for locations that nothing else will grow. It is perfect for zones three to seven.

10. Shrub Rose (Rosa): This can be a wonderful dwarf shrub however it is important to purchase one from an experienced cultivar that is located in your region. This shrub will produce various colored roses throughout the summer however depends on the cultivar. For more information about this shrub, please seek information from the local cultivar for specifications that are local to the region residing.

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It is important when purchasing one of these dwarf shrubs to assure that the zone and height is right for the specific location that it is to be planted. All shrubs should have enough room to grow throughout the years and should be given the correct amount of light that is needed to survive. The shrubs that are listed all prefer to have full-sun, although some varieties will be cultivated to work in some shade. Double check with a representative in the gardening center where purchasing before making a final choice. These ten shrubs are enjoyed in our garden and will spice up any bored garden that needs a touch of class and color.