10 Inviting Foyer Decorating Ideas

A foyer is a small space with a big responsibility. It’s the first thing people see when you open the door, and it’s a small space that gets a lot of traffic. So how can you use foyer decorating ideas to make the space more functional and beautiful? The trick is to choose a color theme and a pattern, then repeat them as you create simple, space-saving decor.

#1. Add Chair Rail Molding

If your foyer is dark and small, this inviting foyer decorating idea will lend it grandeur. At a home improvement store buy wide base molding or chair rail molding. Install it halfway up your foyer wall. If you don’t know how to miter the corners, just install one piece of molding from wall to wall, then the second from the wall until it overlaps with the first piece of molding. Then use caulking to fill in the gaps. Paint the chair rail molding to match the floor molding in your foyer (typically white).

#2. Select Your Foyer Hues

Paint the wall beneath the chair rail molding in the color you wish to use for your foyer decor, such as hunter green or periwinkle blue, magenta or lilac. Leave the top portion of the wall in a color that matches the rest of your home.

#3. Create an Umbrella Stand

This is a charming foyer decorating idea which you can use for umbrella stands or walking sticks. At a craft or container store buy a tall stainless steel container. In addition buy a stencil sheet with a beautiful pattern. Use stencil glue to adhere the stencil around the container at its midpoint. Then spray-paint the bottom of the container, including the stencil, with the foyer decorating color you chose. Leave the top of the container in stainless steel.

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Using the same stencil, spray-paint the chair rail molding with the pattern decorating the umbrella stand. Once more use a same-hued (analogous) color as the one you chose for the wall.

#4. Store Shoes in Decorative Baskets

Decorate your foyer and keep it tidy at the same time using one or two lidded decorative baskets. Line the baskets with a trash can bag to keep mud from drying and crumbling everywhere. Then shake out the bag occasionally. To save space and still benefit from this foyer decorating idea, buy stackable baskets.

#5. Decorate a Foyer Seat

Add a bench, stool or chair to your foyer decorating. Choose an item of furniture that fits the available space, then spray-paint it with the stencil to repeat the foyer decorating pattern which already exists on the chair rail molding and umbrella stand. For extra storage space, consider add a strong chest.

#6. Build a Foyer Table

Create a foyer table yourself from a plank of wood that measures 12 inches wide and is as long as you wish it to be. Attach the plank to the wall using decorative wood brackets. For extra strength, be sure to drive the plank into the brackets after attaching the brackets to the wall. A little wood putty will help fill the screw holes and hide them from sight. Repeat the spray-paint pattern on the surface of the foyer table, then stain it. Decorate your foyer table by displaying a Moth Orchid, tree bonsai or cactus bonsai.

#7. Make a Foyer Mirror

Hang an elongated mirror above the table to further decorate your foyer and add to its apparent size and illumination. To save money, create your own foyer mirror by gluing craft store frames over a cheap dressing mirror. See the instructions and pictures of my paneled mirror.

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#8. Chose a Foyer Plant

Transition the passage from the outside world into your foyer with a lush green plant. The Braided Ficus Tree is a hardy, tall houseplant that will decorate your foyer and ask nothing in return but a glass of water once a week. If you lack floor space, display an angel ivy topiary on a miniature mantle shelf attached to the wall opposite your foyer table.

#9. Create Coat Hangers

Buy ornamental wood plaques at a craft store. Attach a metal coat hanger at the center of each plaque, then hang the plaques in a line on the wall. Use two zigzag picture hangers for each plaque for extra strength.

#10. Paint the Front Door

Finish decorating your foyer by painting your door panels to match your foyer decorating color. Choose a slightly darker shade than the wall and be sure to tape the area around the panels before you hand paint them.

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