10 More Free Baby Bootie Crochet Patterns

Crocheting for little ones that are on the way? Or maybe you like to do good deeds and make them to donate. Handmade baby gifts are by far the best. I have done the footwork of finding the BEST 10 crochet patterns for baby booties on the net. Some of these I have tested myself, and some I have tried other patterns of theirs before.

As a special note, I want to let all of my beginners out there know that if you are making booties for small babies, I strongly suggest using baby yarn. All craft stores sell baby yarn, and it is the softest thing for a baby’s skin. Some of my favorites are Vanna’s Baby Yarn and Simply Soft Caron. I also want to let my readers in on an awesome secret of mine. If there is a stitch I am having trouble with or a question I may need answered, I always go to YouTube. There are so many crochet videos out there, and it is learning at your leisure.

Happy Crocheting Everyone!

Sweet Potato Baby Slippers
These cute little things only take a few hours to work up, or less. I love the pattern, and I enjoy how thorough it is. A simple little slipper that can be jazzed up with embellishments or crafted in coordinating colors to match outfits. For boys and girls, they also are a fantastic beginner project.

Cowboy Boots
This is a YouTube video, and you can also go into his channel and look at his other tutorials. He is fantastic and thorough, and these boots are just so cute. A great step-by-step video to learn how to make them from start to finish. They can be for little cowboys or little cowgirls!

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Bunny Booties
Cute little bunnies. This pattern is a PDF download, and it is adorable. It also comes with a hat pattern to match the cute little booties. These work up nicely with all sorts of yarns and weights. You can change yarn weights and hook sizes to increase or decrease size. Be creative. You can work these up in many colors for every person’s style. They are great for baby showers.

Peek-A-Boo Sandals
A versatile little shoe for baby. I have worked these up for 6-9 months using WW 100 percent cotton. My baby loves them, and they breathe well. You can work up a few flowers and sew them on with buttons, or you can buy other embellishments to sew onto them. Be creative! They are for boys and girls.

Roll-Top Baby Booties
A fantastic and easy-to-understand pattern. These almost appear to be knitted when finished. The ribbed part helps keep them on your baby’s feet, and they are super warm and comfy. Make them in several different colors to match outfits, or make them as gifts for family or friends. This is an easy-to-finish project and is great for a beginner. They are for boys and girls.

Roman Sandals
When working these up, I did want to make a note that you need to to check your gauge here and make sure that your stitches are a bit more uniform. I made up a few flowers, and leaves and sewed them to the top of my shoe. You can do whatever your heart desires, crocheting can be a very versatile. For boys and girls.

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Strawberry Booties
I can’t believe how cute these are. I worked up one of these to test the pattern, and it didn’t take me very long. I like how the pattern is written, and you could do many things with this pattern. It’s a great way to show how embellishment can go really far when crafting little booties. More for girls, but I am sure you could change it around to suit a boy.

Easy Baby Shoes
I thought this would be a really nice generic shoe pattern. The colors here are a bit plain, but there are many things that can be done with this. It actually curves and looks like a real shoe. Using embroidery floss, you can stitch symbolism on them like .. the Nike symbol? This is an inexpensive way to make your baby look chic. For boys and girls.

Daisy Stitch Bootie
This is the “traditional” baby bootie done in a wonderful way. I love the pattern, and it is a really helpful website. It’s a wonderful baby shower gift and is great for special occasions, too. They are for boys and girls.

Golden Slippers
What a nice pair of slippers. Make them brown, and add buttons for loafers. Or you can add embellishments for a more dramatic shoe. It’s a sturdy little thing for a slipper, and are for boys and girls.