10 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Younger Children.

Mothers day is a special time for all moms. And what better way to share your love of your mom then to make her some special crafts. These ideas are easy for children as young as 2-3 years old to make with the help of dad, a grandparent, or child care giver.

1. Draw a picture, make a card, or write a story for mom. Although every picture and story is special, making something that is about mom for her will be treasured.

2. Hand Print Apron. All ages

Moms treasure little hand prints. Your children are only small once, so making something to remind her of how little her children were will be treasured for years. An Apron is easy, and has many uses. You can pick a garden apron or a house apron. No matter what her her hobby of choice an apron can be used for many things.

Find a solid colored Apron, many craft sections have them, and fabric paints. Help children dip their hands into different colored paint and put their hand prints onto the apron. With a fabric pen write the names and ages of each child under their hand prints. Put as many on as you like. Allow to dry for 24 hours before washing.

3. Painted Flower pots.

Another useful and fun idea for children as young as 2. You can buy Terra Cotta flowerpots at most one stop shopping centers as well as garden supplies stores. Purchase any type of paint you like, however do not use tempera paint as it washes away. Provide ample paint colors and brushes to children and allow them to paint flowerpots as they desire. When they are dry, use a clear coat of glaze to finish the designs. Plant a flowering plant in the pot for mom.

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4. Tissue Paper flowers.

Most moms get flowers for mothers day. Why not make them last longer by making tissue paper flowers. Buy assorted colors of tissue paper. I like the tissue paper in the wrapping paper section. As well as some pipe cleaners for stems and leaves. To make cut several colors of tissue paper into a square. Pinch the center of the tissue paper and twist the paper into a flower. Put a bit of tape around the center pinch and then wrap a pipe cleaner around the end to create a stem. Add leaves if you like. Then fan open the petals of the flower.

5. Hand made jewelry.

This is great for children over the ages of 3. You will need yarn and pony beads, or assorted large holed beads. Decide if your making a bracelet or necklace. Cut the yarn into according lengths with 4 inches to spare. Tie a knot in one end leaving a 2 inch tail. Then let children string on beads in a colorful pattern. When there is at least 2 inches of yarn left over, Tie a knot to keep the beads on the yarn. Then finish the jewelry off by tying it in a circle. Make sure the bracelet or necklace is large enough to slip over moms wrist or head.

6. Picture Frame.

Make mom a picture frame to display her favorite picture of her family. You can buy pre-made undecorated frames at craft supply stores. Craft paint pens, markers, crayons work well. You can also embellish frames with glitter, pom poms, beads, and any other little craft item you have around the house. Regular glue works to attach any of the above items.

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7. Photo album with family pictures in it.

Pictures are so special to moms, to remember how her family was at different stages in their lives. Its a precious thing. Arrange a album of her favorite photos.
Have your children help you pick a pretty photo album out from the store, then spend some time together picking out family photos to fill it. Be sure to include your pets as well.

8. Hand made Bookmarks.

Have a book lover for a mother. Even ones who read an occasional magazine will appreciate a bookmark now and then.

Cut cardboard out the size of the bookmark you would like. Use wrapping paper to wrap it, you can use a verity of wrapping paper to make different bookmarks, or wrap the cardboard with plain paper. Wax, or printer paper works well. Then decorate with stickers and makers as desired.

9. Studded candles.

What mom doesn’t like candles? Here is a fun way to make your candles sparkle.

You will need pillar candles and assorted metal studs OR earrings that are missing their partners. Even a combo of both. Help your children push the metal studs and earing’s into the pillar candle, when finished roll it like a rolling pin to make sure the studs are in the candle well.

10. Place mat.

This is a fun way to display pictures, poetry, artwork or any other paper craft.

Cut a piece of poasterboard to place mat size. Then allow children to decorate. Taping pictures and drawing picture frames is one idea, drawing pictures, or writing a poem or story on it. When it is decorated to their liking, using clear contact paper to laminate the place mat.

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Many other crafts can be adapted to have young children help and create.