10 Non-Tourist Places to Go in New York City

The following list is an extremely important list. When traveling to New York City it is easy to get caught up in the tourist places of Times Square, but some of the best-hidden gems are outside of Times Square.

1). Flightclub NY- 254 Greene St New York, NY 10003

Flightclub is a store that you can only find in New York City. It is filled with unique shoes, fitted hats, and old school throwback jerseys. The walls in the store are filled with plastic covered shoes that can only be found in the store. The hats are throwback as well, so if you are a throwback type of person this store is perfect for you.

2). Crumbs Bakery- 37 East 8th St (University/Broadway)

Many of you may have heard of Magnolias as the best place to get a cupcake in New York. However, a recently growing bakery is Crumbs. I have had both and will tell you the biggest difference is that Crumbs’ cupcakes are bigger and more diverse. The selection is incredible at Crumbs. Anything from a cheesecake cupcake to a cookies and cream cupcake, they are absolutely delicious.

3).Il Piccolo Bufalo 141 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10013

If you visit New York City, try not to be sucked into the trap of going to a chain restaurant that you would be able to go to anywhere else. Thus, you should venture down to Little Italy and try this incredible restaurant. The food is spectacular with a wide selection of pastas and meats, as well as pizzas and calzones. If you go, try the sangria because it is the best in the city.

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4). Central Park Zoo- 5th Ave & E 64th St New York, NY 10065

In the tri-state area there are plenty of zoos. There is the Philadelphia Zoo, the Bronx Zoo, and others. However, one zoo stands out and that is the Central Park Zoo. It is located right near the Trump Tower in the midtown side of Central Park. On a nice day when the weather is perfect, the Central Park Zoo is a great place to go because the surrounding area is incredible. Also, they are making an attempt to make it larger, but the zoo already is filled with great exhibits and animals.

5). Rucker Park- 155th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard

For a basketball fan, New York is the place to be. Madison Square Garden is the world’s most famous arena, but then there is Rucker Park. From Earl Monroe to Wilt Chamberlain, so many legends have played at Rucker Park. Take a taxi, or subway, down to Harlem and watch a basketball game at Rucker Park. Maybe you will even see a legend.

6). Mott St.- Chinatown

When someone says to go to Chinatown they are going to direct you to Canal Street. As fun as Canal Street is to go to, I urge you to sidetrack a bit and go to Mott Street. It is located off of Canal Street in Chinatown and is a less crowded bargaining experience with a few good restaurants.

7). Any museum other then the MET

The MET is the most well known museum in NYC, but venture out a little bit. There are so many interesting museums in NYC from the Museum of Sex to the History of Television Museum. Be a little adventurous and try something outside of the box.

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8).John’s Pizzeria- 278 Bleecker Street, New York, NY

As I said before, the big time restaurants in Times Square can trap you. When someone mentions pizza, nobody talks about John’s. It originated in the Village and now has a store near Times Square. It is hands down the best pizza I have ever tasted. You cannot buy a slice; they only sell by the pie. It is thin crust, brick-oven pizza that will completely win you over. The pizza is worth the travel. You can either go to the original or the one near Times Square to see the beautiful restaurant that was transformed from an old church.

9). Washington Square Park- Greenwich Village

Central Park is the most well known park in NYC, but Washington Square Park may just be the best place to go. It is just less than 10 acres of land that has extremely nice landscaping and great statues. It is right in Greenwich Village and is a great park to walk around and play for the day.

10). Brooklyn

You may have heard Brooklyn is not that nice of a place to go, but think again. Brooklyn may just be the most up and coming place in NYC with great bars and restaurants. The food is fantastic from great independent ice cream shops, to the supposedly originators of pizza. You can also see the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Go to Brooklyn because it is an extremely fun place to be.

I would not say to avoid all the tourist places in NYC, but these places that I have listed are musts in NYC. They are unique to the city because you cannot find them anywhere else. If you are by yourself, ask anyone walking on the streets how to get to these places, but if you are with a group, take a taxi because that is the cheapest, easiest way to go.